Challenge 1: Microsoft Windows Operating System:

Extended Support for CE 6 ended in April 2018. Microsoft Extended Support for WEH and CE 7 ending in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

Products Releases General Availability Mainstream Support Retired Extended Support Retired
WE CE 6 9/3/2003 4/10/2012 4/10/2018
WEH 6.5 12/17/2010 1/13/2015 1/14/2020
WE CE 7 3/15/2011 4/12/2016 4/13/2021
Windows Mobile 6.5 (std Pro) 9/11/2009 1/8/2013 None
Challenge 2: 3G and CDMA technology is phasing out :
  • Another challenge where Verizon (CDMA) at end of 2019 ; AT&T to shut down 3G network in 2022 (Click here to know more)

Challenge 3: Mobile Middleware technologies are also phasing out at the same time:
  • SAP’s Web console, IT mobile and Zebra’s TECH Console  are phasing out too


How Crave can help you?

  1. Advanced replacement platform for quick transaction check our rugged hardware solutions- MachineZip
  2. Rapid deployment and ready path for newer generation user interface solution. information slide
  3. Our consulting team will simplify your technical architecture by eliminating Middleware. information slide
  4. Ready to plug and play application for warehouse and field service, programming the devices and pilot testing and validations.
  5. Next generation end to end delivery model. You place an order and the system will be ready to use as soon as your users open the mobile computer box.


Migrating to a new platform is always a daunting task but a little forethought now will provide noticeable returns later. You can also contact one our mobility specialists and we can help you find the perfect device to meet your needs, budget, and future requirements.

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