Webinar 2018

Create Fiori® Apps in 10 minutes & See How Crave Pre-Packaged Apps Are a Catalyst to Cloud;Leonardo®

SAP Leonardo®, Fiori® based apps, and SAP® Cloud Platform can all be a part of your business right now and show you immediate value. This Webinar will breakdown some of the myths about each platform

SAP Fiori® apps rapidly increase efficiency and functionality for users, but used to take months to develop and implement. Those days are gone, and we will show you today how we can help you develop your own Fiori apps in 10 minutes. In addition, SAP® Cloud Platform and SAP Leonardo® are two other SAP offerings helping your business utilize Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence to automate processes that you might have always thought would require human operators. We will give you a look at the usability of Fiori® and the current power of SAP® Cloud Platform and Leonardo® in this webinar.

IoT technology is so futuristic that it can seem like it won’t fit into your business for the time being, so today we will break down the myths of IoT and show how you can utilize it today. We will also show the capabilities of SAP® Cloud Platform with Virtual Assistant BOTs, and how a Fiori® Inbox can automate your approval process via your Outlook inbox.

The technology game is constantly changing, and it is hard to keep up, so join our webinar to learn about staying on the cutting edge.

You will learn

  • How SAP® Cloud Platform can help you to digitally transform your operations
  • What SAP Leonardo® is capable of doing today
  • The uses of Virtual Assistant BOTs and IoT in your business
  • How Fiori® makes apps easier to use
  • How to create a Fiori® app in 10 minutes
  • How a Fiori® inbox can automate your approval process via Outlook
  • How pre-packaged apps can help you to expedite the UI_UX deployments

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