Mobile applications have completely transformed our lives, putting Rapid Deployment Solutions into cynosure. From the food we order to how we perform the simplest of tasks, nearly every facet of life has been revamped since applications garnered mainstream popularity in recent years. In fact, it’s estimated that there are more than 149.3 billion app downloads, with the number set to rise to 352.9 billion by 2021.

In recent years, mobile applications have also had a profound impact on businesses. On one hand, countless companies have shot to prominence because they provide portable solutions to their clients, while on the other many industry leaders have gone out of business simply because of their reluctance to offer mobile apps. Therefore, it’s fair to say that mobile applications look set to rule the open market for the foreseeable future.

Rapid Deployment Solutions

We at Crave InfoTech pride ourselves in our ability to provide innovative solutions that aren’t just effective but are also sustainable in the long run. To help our clients cope with the digitalization of the open market, we’ve launched a program that will give you a competitive edge over your rivals. Say hello to Crave InfoTech’s innovative Rapid Development Solutions.

What is Rapid Development Solution?

Simply put, the Rapid Deployment Solution is a 3-step process that enables you to orchestrate the digital transformation of your business efficiently. If you want to introduce a mobile application that complements your services, we believe you stand to benefit from this amazing service.

Rapid Deployment Solutions

The process starts when we acquire pre-packaged apps that can be deployed in 2 to 6 weeks time. These apps are then fine-tuned to take your needs into account. Once the application has configured, we rigorously test for any vulnerabilities, fortify the application’s cyberspace defenses via encryption, and once the app meets our high standards, it’s deployed in the open market!

Benefits of the RDS:

There are numerous advantages of using our Rapid Deployment Solutions, such as:

1. Accelerates Time to Market

The best thing about the RDS is that it significantly reduces the time it takes for your application to reach the open market. As we don’t have to code the application from scratch, we get a head-start and can focus our efforts on application configuration. This gives you a competitive edge over your rivals as we can effectively streamline your application to your customers!

2. Reduces Development Costs:

Another reason why our clients love our RDS program is because it reduces development and support costs. Generally speaking, we promise you savings of thousands (and hundreds of thousands of dollars) because our RDS system can reduce the costs of coding, development, and support by up to 80%!

3. Robust and Secure:

Despite fast-tracking your application to the market, we take the necessary steps to ensure that the product is secure and reliable. On top of running frequent virus scans, we also use military-grade encryption to protect your application from hackers. This results in a final product which is as robust as it is secure.

Rapid Deployment Solutions

If you’re convinced about the power of our amazing Rapid Deployment Solutions and want to try the service for yourself, we would love to have on board! We also provide RDS for SAP Mobile Platform and SAP mobile inventory – features that can set your application apart from that of your rivals!

For pricing and more information about the RDS, get in touch with us today. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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