Why SAP Business One?

SAP Business One is a fully integrated, easy-to-use & affordable ERP software for SME that streamline key operations – including sales, purchase, inventory, production, quality management, etc. With SAP Business One, easily manage your customers, vendors, partners, suppliers and much more along with your finances, supply chain, inventory, manufacturing, etc. on the run.

Crave InfoTech is a leading SAP Business One implementation partner in India offering end-to-end ERP solution for Small & medium businesses.

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Tens of thousands of small and medium enterprises across the globe manage their businesses worth billions of dollars on SAP Business One. So trust us, you’re in good hands!

12+ industrial SAP Business One add-ons

IHMS Solution

One integrated solution which caters to Patient Care as well as Office Management.

Electronic Medical Record

Increase Patient Care and Customer Satisfaction with real time data. Doctors can review cases on the go with patient diagnostic details and medications.

Direct Store Delivery

The Solution offers an optimum solution to monitor deliveries in real time on the handheld device.

Point of Sale (POS)

Supports your business whether you operate a single POS or many POS across multiple locations and fully compatible with industry leading hardware.

Production Order Management

Allow operations to track key activities of the workforce during the end-to-end production order process.

Electronic Medical Record

Increase Patient Care and Customer Satisfaction with real time data. Doctors can review cases on the go with patient diagnostic details and medications.

Equipment Maintenance

Forecast your preventive maintenance schedule based on maintenance frequency.

Other Add-ons

Check other SAP Business Ad-Ons related to GR, ABC Analysis, Royalty management, etc.

One-stop ERP solution for small & medium businesses


Proven experience in re-energising stalled Sap Business One projects for organisations who have had other partners mismanage project implementation.

Fresh Implementation

A complete set of implementation services, including provisioning, configuration, training, testing, and roll-out support services for SAP business one


Leverage our consultants’ deep industry expertise around business process consulting, best practices, and critical change management initiatives for your next project.

ERP Support

Leverage our global support footprint for a comprehensive set of both reactive and proactive technical support services for Sap Business One and beyond

SAP Business One Benefits

Improve alignment of strategies and operations

Reduce your costs

Improve your productivity

Increased flexibility

Improve your financial management

Improve alignment of strategies and operations

Enhance corporate governance

Gain insight to all areas of business

Gain Greater Control Over Your Business…

Handle all your business needs with one powerful ERP solution

Financial Management

SAP Business one provides a range of tools that help you to manage and control all your financial operations. Tools include sales and purchasing, invoices and journal entries.

CRM Management

The SAP Business One embedded CRM functions record every sales opportunity across the customer lifecycle and help you turn prospects into customers and achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

Manufacturing Management

SAP Business One offers a simple yet powerful planning system to help you have 360-degree view. Now effectively manage bills of materials (BOMs), production orders and material requirements.

Inventory Management

The stock capabilities of SAP Business One ERP enable users to keep a track of surplus inventory, optimize stock movements across multiple warehouses and geographic locations..

Purchase Management

It supports almost all basic attributes. SAP Business One helps you streamline your entire purchasing process, including purchase orders, receipts, invoices, & vendor invoice payment. It also helps you make smarter buying decisions with detailed purchasing reports & dashboards.

Quality Management

To ensure high product quality, you need quality control (QC) throughout your manufacturing process. Today, the QC process begins with selecting the right suppliers & evaluating their performance, through production, & ends only when final delivery is made and customer feedback obtained..

Sales Management

The comprehensive capabilities of SAP Business One help your business optimize and streamline the entire sales process. From tracking leads to managing sale orders to deliveries to invoices, it offers all the required functions to manage sales orders & order-to-payment process.

Reporting Dashboards

SAP Business One offers extensive integrated reporting tools to create up-to-the-minute reports with ease. This module also lets you create business, accounting, finance, warehouse reports in a variety of formats including word, excel, PDF, etc

SAP Business One – The industry compliant ERP


Automobile Industry


Warehouse Management


Steel Industry


Media Industry


Manufacturing Industry


Logistics Industry


FMCG Industry


Chemicals Industry


Engineering Industry


Healthcare Industry


Life Sciences Industry


Retail Industry


Real Estate Industry


Pharma Industry


Oil and Gas Industry

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