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The Many Benefits of Voice Picking in Warehouse Management

The recent success of Amazon’s voice-activated speaker, Echo (commonly known as Alexa), proves that the rise of voice-activated devices is imminent. In fact, recent estimates indicate that there were more than one billion voice searches in January 2018! With voice-control set to overtake manual input, we think it’s safe to say that nearly all facets of...

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How Crave InfoTech Is Revolutionizing Transportation and Logistics

With rapid integration of internet, the transportation and logistics industry has been subject to astounding change. These days, industry leaders rely heavily on the latest technology to keep up with the ever increasing demands of the market. It’s safe to say that customers demand a lot more from transportation companies. With an ever-increasing emphasis on delivering...

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AI and Machine Learning for Operational Excellence (OE)

Although all organizations operating in the open market strive for operational excellence, there are a select few who achieve this long-term goal. After all, continuously assessing and improving the level of performance of every wing of your business is no small task. In recent years, AI and machine learning have emerged as the go-to choices for...

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The Many Advantages of Using Crave InfoTech’s cWarehouse Extension

The importance of warehouse management for logistics systems can never be understated. Not only do inventory control and warehouse management directly impact the entire supply chain, but they also have a major say in the long-term success of your business. With such a slim margin of error, it’s of utmost importance that you take no chances...

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