Optimize Your Life Science Company’s Change Control Management with Automation

A typical Top 20 pharmaceutical company will need to evaluate in excess of 40,000 change requests in a single year according to the life-sciences industry consultant Kinapse, as cited at Of these, only 15,000 changes will actually be approved for implementation across their global organization. The other 25,000 potentially lucrative change requests whither on the vine. They're...

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4 Ways BOTs Can Transform the Pharmaceutical Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will affect every part of life in the coming years. In the business world, companies are looking at BOT technology to drive change. AI will transform everything from talking with customers to handling warehouse tasks. The AI healthcare market alone may grow to reach $6.6 billion by 2021. The same research predicts key clinical...

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Revolutionizing the Healthcare Sector – Crave InfoTech

The public healthcare sector is one industry where there is little to no margin for error. Even the slightest misstep can have disastrous consequences and result in the loss of human life. This is why medical institutions go out of their way to ensure that their resources are utilized optimally so as to give their patients...

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Crave InfoTech’s Remarkable Solutions for the Health Sector

Crave InfoTech has been one of the major proponents of digital transformation. Since its inception in 2007, the company has doled out software products for a wide variety of industries. In the health care sector, centers like hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, etc. have been relying on Crave InfoTech to provide integrated tech solutions. The company’s...

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