Crave InfoTech extends SAP offerings and converts them into reality faster and more affordable than the competition. Using a configurable app pool, a rapid deployment solution, an innovative implementation methodology that reduces time to launch, Crave is able to achieve total cost of ownership up to 80%.

This is possible because Crave InfoTech’s highly skilled, dedicated, and motivated team has worked since 2007 to deliver high-quality services and pre-packaged solutions in S4 HANA, SAP ECC, SAP Business One, SAP Cloud Platform (SCP), Business Intelligence, Enterprise Mobility, Cloud hosting, and Data Warehouse Management. One of the core reasons we succeed is our methodology.

Design Thinking

SAP Design Thinking is our unique approach to finding solutions. When the same team meets in the same place and follows the same process, the chances are they will get the same result. Look at how we take people, process, & place to find real solutions to real problems!

Manage the design process using

Pick a template from Gallery

A catalogue of Fiori prototypes to reference and to remix to fit YOUR end users’ needs. Use it to find the best UX patterns for your designs and to help build high fidelity prototypes in minutes.

Iterate Collaboratively

Create clickable mockups of your application from your sketches. Then turn them into refined prototypes and bring them to life by dragging and dropping real SAP UI5 elements.

Engage Users

Understand your users’ needs. Collect informal feedback or easily create remote usability studies on each iteration of your design. BUILD makes it easy to bring users into the design process

Agile and Rapid Innovation Dynamic Modeller (cDMOD) – Build apps quickly with zero coding

  • Quickly design and configure simple, Cloud Compatible apps with zero coding.
  • Transition into user friendly UI and overall user experience.
  • Implementation is 99% faster than competition, taking a few hours instead of months.
  • Contains fully functional offline mode unlike most apps on the market.
  • Apps have same user experience whether on IOS , Android , tablet or Desktop.
  • Fully incorporates novel mobile features like signature capture, QR codes scanning & document attachments.

Pre-packaged Applications

We have built over 50+ using Rapid Deployment Solution, a methodology that begins with Design Thinking. We work with customers in the Design Thinking process to address all pain points and concerns. The customer also works with us during prototyping on to make sure all needs are met. This can also be achieved with our Dynamic Modeler app, which allows customers to create their own Fiori apps without coding in 10 minutes.

Crave has experience upgrading from Fiori 1.0 to 2.0 as well as implementing Fiori 2.0 as your first version of the software. Some of our applications have won national awards from SAP community. Our customers call us their MOD2 partner for their UIUX initiative using Fiori, Agility, innovation, and fast response, and quality of work and timely delivery.

Three Step implementation process

Resulting in:

  • Faster time to deploy
  • Upto 80% saving in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Through the steps, you can see how we achieve our short implementation periods and low costs. We have pre-packaged apps, ready to be modified for your specific needs. This is a short process, allowing us to implement quickly and to spend less, thus lowering your cost.

Our UI_UX services include configuration and customization of the following SAP standard functionality:

  • Fiori 2.0
  • My Inbox
  • Screen Persona
  • Fiori IOS SDK
  • RF Screens

Our UI_UX custom development service include:

  • SAPUI5
  • Slipstream Engine
  • Mobile App
  • Netweaver Gateway
  • ABAP
  • API Integration & development

In addition to SAP Fiori, we also provide UI_UX for the following services:

  • Angular
  • Ionic
  • UI5
  • React
  • Web IDE
  • Screen Persona
  • ABAP
  • API Integration & development