Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

There are different approaches and technological possibilities in developing mobile applications. To find the best approach for you, an analysis and prioritization of your requirements are essential.

Web Applications

With the right conceptual design and tools a web application is formed that can be comfortably used on any device – whether it’s Smartphone, Tablet or PC.

Native Applications

Native means to use the specific tools and methods of the target platform. It is a completely independent development for Android, iOS or Windows. In return, you have the possibility to implement high-performance applications which are integrated seamlessly in the target platform and can use all of its features.

Hybrid Applications

The increasingly popular hybrid approach means to combine HTML5 development and native development. The underlying idea is:

  • Base functionality of the application is developed with HTML5 technology (e.g. SAPUI5 or the freely available OPENUI5 from SAP)
  • The completed application is embedded in a container. For each target platform, there is another container. Such container can be created automatically with tools like Apache Cordova. It is not necessary to develop them
  • Access to contacts, the GPS position or other device features can be provided by using so-called plugins. Only these need to be developed individually for each target platform