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    ABC Analysis

    ABC Analysis for better decision making!

    • Configurable ABC analysis parameters
    • Can be scheduled as a batch to run in auto
    • Updates each material master with ABC classification

    GR Matching

    Make GR matching process more efficient using GR Matching!

    Our solution helps to keep record of task performed to resolve equipment failure and restore it to operational condition


    Grant Management

    Better and accurate way of managing the Grants through cGrants!

    • Improves administrative efficiency
    • Manages all key accounting processes and helps in controlling cash flow, budgets and grants
    • Helps in keeping track of pre-approved grant opportunities
    • Ensures effective procurement
    • Helps with controlling and reporting expenditure in relation to the budget
    • Uses real-time data to create precise and timely reports for planning strategies and audit reviews

    Royalty Management

    Effectively manage Royalty Payments using cRoyalty!

    • Manage complete Royalty Management process
    • Auto-invoicing based on Royalty calculation logic build
    • Track patent details including Royalty terms and conditions
    • Inbuilt flexibility to build your own terms and conditions

    Invoice Automation

    Avoid invoicing delays using Invoice Automation!

    • User defined filtering criteria e.g. Business Partner & Cost center dimensions
    • Ability to choose multiple documents from filtered output to convert into invoices
    • Can be scheduled to run in background mode
    • Combine multiple documents into one invoice

    Invoice Matching

    Make invoice matching process more efficient using Invoice Matching!

    • Provides flexibility in defining tolerance for reconciliation
    • Highlights records which do not fall into the tolerance band
    • Reduces manual intervention for improved accuracy
    • Enhances productivity by minimizing the time spent on manual work

    Flexible Scheduling


    Make appointment scheduling process more efficient using cScheduling!

    ABAP bolt on developed to simplify the workforce scheduling process fully integrated with front office process to present the appointments available at that moment. The module is fully flexible to accommodate changes to the workforce schedule and appointment slots to enhance the relationship between customer service and the work execution team, most suitable to respond to the emergency situations in time without waiting for transports and system delays. The key features of this add-on are:

    • User friendly custom transaction to maintain task and skills, task duration, and travel time calculation
    • Fully integrated with CIC0 and CRM front office process
    • Appointment scheduling through, CIC0, CRM or IVR
    • User can view work center data based on Day and Work Center
    • Ability to make the Adjustment in Schedule by Day
    • Ability to create Schedule by work center
    • Appointment slot display is configurable up to 50 days
    • Updates notification and or Work order operation for each appointment schedule, updated or cancelled to reflect the accurate count of the availability of the resources

    Flexible Dispatch

    Better and accurate way of managing the SAP activity using cDispatch!

    Flexible dispatch is a one stop dispatch cockpit where the dispatcher can manage all the activities he needs to perform in SAP including:

    Key features

    • Managing Master data
    • Managing work pool – notification and orders
    • Dispatch work to the workforce
    • Print work packet
    • Create Task list from the work completed
    • KPI reporting

    Dispatch work to the workforce

    • User can search the notification or orders based upon
      • Notification Type, Notification Number, Start Date, End Date etc
      • Planner Group, Planning Plant, Priority, Functional Location etc
      • Collection related parameters including the amount owed, payments due, installment plans in place etc
    • The output of the search is an ALV grid which can be sorted using all the columns available
    • Create new order
    • Single or multiple row selections to perform functions like the mass update, assign, un-assign, release
    • Link existing orders to the notifications
    • Mass change: This function allow mass update of following fields on notification or order
      • User Status
      • Main work center
      • Required Start date
      • Required End date
      • Required Start time
      • Required End time
      • Priority
      • Person responsible
    • Recommendation: System will recommend up to 5 field workers with % match based on skills, availability, shift, proximity to the job location and help dispatcher to make the right decision

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