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Digitally Track the In-House Maintenance Process with cMaintenance solution!

Crave InfoTech’s cMaintenance solutions converts paper-based Plant maintenance activities for prevention, correction and breakdown into an information technology system which utilizes mobility features. Our solution collects all maintenance activities so that data and knowledge can improve efficiency.


  • Breakdown prevention process is often ignored due to the hassle, resulting in high costs for serious facility maintenance issues over time
  • The facility maintenance process has technicians observe, create manual certificate, seek approval, and fix breakdowns. The time-consuming process is lengthened if the fixing of the breakdown requires specifically skilled worker
  • Process requires high amount of manual intervention, resulting in a higher probability for human error, inaccurate data, and duplication of effort from employees. Also, directions for repairs are vague, meaning extra time is needed to find right materials and skill sets
  • Technicians need a quicker method to know stock availability of the material and tools needed to fix the equipment

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Our Innovations and Solutions

  • Situations are time stamped and quickly addressed, catalogued, and fixed. Data is entered at the source, and everything can be done within the SAP Cloud Platform
  • Complete audit log of work assigned, work history, planned/actual hours and resources spent on each job
  • Visibility of tasks for jobs that need to be completed by different skillsets of people. Assign jobs based on employee skills, e.g. plumber, electrician, etc
  • Novel capabilities include Paperless end-to-end process, fully functional offline mode, machine learning integration, and elimination of manual certification. Instant digital approval by manager for work completion

Our Value Drivers

  • 30% increase Facility Inspector’s efficiency
  • 100% reduction in paperwork
  • A disruptive app, pre-packaged to expedite the implementation time, ROI realization, and reduction in TCO up to 80%
  • Completely scalable technology that grows with the business
  • Spend time and resources on adding value to your business, instead of employee hours spent in data entry and fixing errors
  • 80% increase in efficient follow up on jobs
  • Fully configurable UI from the back-end
  • Multi-lingual capabilities
  • Fully responsive with iOS, Android, Tablet, etc. Out of the box

Success Story

A leading pharmaceutical company is aggressively working on the digital transformation initiative using Crave InfoTech’s mobility solutions to increase the process efficiency, improve user experience and also meet the Regulatory Compliance

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