SAP & Crave Joint Healthcare Workshops Nigeria, 2017

Date : 20 July 2017.

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Date : 20 July 2017.

With a successful experience in other regions, SAP along with Crave InfoTech is planning to leverage its Healthcare product (Integrated Heathcare Management Solution) in the Nigeria- West African Region.
SAP the worldwide ERP leader in business management applications and its preferred partner Crave InfoTech wants to bring his experience and the power of SAP healthcare solution at South African healthcare industry.

SAP and Crave InfoTech are working together to help healthcare industry in their Digital transformation journey.

The key benefits are:

  • Streamlined paperless process enabling substantial reduction in operational overheads
  • Complete elimination of manual billing errors resulting into at least 5-10% increase in revenue
  • Adaptable, scalable and flexible architecture to address current & future requirements of hospital management.
  • Remote connectivity enabled for integrating multiple locations of the hospital
  • Audit Trail Facility for Authentication and Verification of the data entries
  • Safeguards data integrity, security and accessibility
  • Designed to address all possible billing scenarios for Private, Corporate and Public Sector hospitals

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