Flexible Dispatch

Flexible Dispatch

Better and accurate way of managing the SAP activity using cDispatch!

Flexible dispatch is a one stop dispatch cockpit where the dispatcher can manage all the activities he needs to perform in SAP including:

Key features

  • Managing Master data
  • Managing work pool – notification and orders
  • Dispatch work to the workforce
  • Print work packet
  • Create Task list from the work completed
  • KPI reporting

Dispatch work to the workforce

  • User can search the notification or orders based upon
    • Notification Type, Notification Number, Start Date, End Date etc
    • Planner Group, Planning Plant, Priority, Functional Location etc
    • Collection related parameters including the amount owed, payments due, installment plans in place etc
  • The output of the search is an ALV grid which can be sorted using all the columns available
  • Create new order
  • Single or multiple row selections to perform functions like the mass update, assign, un-assign, release
  • Link existing orders to the notifications
  • Mass change: This function allow mass update of following fields on notification or order
    • User Status
    • Main work center
    • Required Start date
    • Required End date
    • Required Start time
    • Required End time
    • Priority
    • Person responsible
  • Recommendation: System will recommend up to 5 field workers with % match based on skills, availability, shift, proximity to the job location and help dispatcher to make the right decision
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