Crave Business Intelligence Rapid Deployment Solutions


Mobile Rapid Deployment is the key to success for Digital transformation.

Crave InfoTech has adopted SAP’s approach to building a pragmatic and realizable vision for the CIO’s digital strategy development. Crave InfoTech and SAP are working together to reduce complexity in business processes, simplify technology, engineer end-to-end outcome-based business solutions and ensure delivery of the best business results. Crave InfoTech understands the SAP approach, having been selected as Finalists in the 2015 SAP Pinnacle Award for Application Development Partner of the Year and, in 2014, for the SAP and Google Apps Challenge for Asset Tracking solutions. The Crave InfoTech app is listed among the top five in the SAP global apps store.


Crave InfoTech has developed seven groups of mobility applications which can achieve workforce enterprise application integration objectives.


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    To achieve cost and time savings, Crave InfoTech utilizes three roadmap approaches for its Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) with SAP. Our first option uses a Fiori-Crave Connector in the SAP HANA Cloud, a no-code option that extends SAP Fiori Apps, allowing you to take advantage of our Crave InfoTech tools and heterogeneous data sources.

    Your second option uses the SAP Mobile Platform with the Crave Rapid Deployment Solution for applications with heterogeneous data sources. These option is preferred for complex and offline applications which required strong error handling and user authentication.


    Your third option uses the SAP Hana Cloud Platform Mobile Service with the Crave Rapid Deployment Solution. This option is suitable for all type of applications utilizing HCP infrastructure and mobility platform.

    Crave InfoTech and SAP combine to offer end-to-end strategy and services to address the challenges and opportunities of your business going mobile. We help to orchestrate and realize the organization’s mobile potential having been at the forefront of delivering the benefits of mobility to enterprises through device and application control management. These options let the CIO customize and deploy mobile applications fast, reliably. The complete solution includes innovative software, advanced handheld and wireless network services that can be fully integrated with your ERP or CRM systems so that time-critical information accelerates the entire business cycle.