The existing paper-based logbook process is error-prone and time-consuming, thus impacting data accuracy and overall operational efficiency. So switch to eLogbook solution by Crave InfoTech. Our data logger software can help you for e login and can work as a logging software for your company. This software have electronic forms making the process fully automated and error free.

Common Challenges Faced by Facility & Equipment Maintenance Professionals

Paper-based logbook data entry across multiple locations makes validation difficult, creating waste in the forms of financial loss, human error, loss of customer confidence, work redundancy, and inaccurate estimates for production quantities

Our Innovations And Solutions

Digitization of forms, logbooks, and end-of-the day processes [readings, observations, alerts, messages] for operations team. Application is fully integrated with multiple backend systems, including SAP ECC and SAP Cloud Platform, to update the data. Complete workflow inside the novel application keeps the process moving quickly. This allows the simple sharing of data amongst employees and a speedy approval process.

Effortlessly generate data reports for management, as well as speculative reports to calculate risks and cost/benefits based on potential future decisions. Fewer channels for data to travel through, decreasing mistakes. Eliminate time wasted on transferring to spreadsheets.

Top Features of cMaintenance by Crave

The facility maintenance process has technicians observe, create manual certificate, seek approval, and fix breakdowns. The time-consuming process is lengthened if the fixing of the breakdown requires specifically skilled worker

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