The cWarehouse (warehouse management) mobile app is designed to be used by warehouse and shop floor personnel to execute day to day transactions in the warehouse. The WMS app can also be used to run stock check reports on demand and execute the physical inventory process.

Common Challenges Faced by Facility & Equipment Maintenance Professionals

Manually managing the inventory and delivery sequence

Status of the jobs and the inventory is updated in the central system only after the actual work is completed, resulting into delayed invoicing, stock mismatch, and lack of transparency

No tracking of field workforce and their work in real time

Our Innovations And Solutions

Application is fully integrated with SAP Cloud Platform, ESS, and SAP B1 with label printing capability. SAP Warehouse management systems offers a novel solution with features like Warehouse bin creation, Bin to Bin transfer, Transfer Order Confirmation, Bin level cycle count, Stock check report at bin level.

Inventory processes: Goods receipt and reversal, Goods Issue, Storage location transfer posting, Plant transfer posting, Stock check, Physical inventory, Goods issue to scrap. Takes time consuming manual processes and makes them a convenient app for your phone. Significantly decrease paperwork.

Top Features of cMaintenance by Crave

The facility maintenance process has technicians observe, create manual certificate, seek approval, and fix breakdowns. The time-consuming process is lengthened if the fixing of the breakdown requires specifically skilled worker

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