Access to goals is not available at their leisure when working remotely. UI for defining, updating, and approving goals is not user-friendly.

Common Challenges Faced by Facility & Equipment Maintenance Professionals

Time consuming processes for setting monthly/half yearly goals, which becomes more complex for multiple hierarchy levels

Lengthy time to tally up goal metrics

Employee cannot access this while working via mobile

he UI is not simplified and contains information not needed for the defining, updating, or approving of goals

Our Innovations And Solutions

Novel solution where employees can set their goals, through a guided UI which prioritizes information. Integrated with SAP Cloud Platform, SuccessFactor and SAP HR. Structure of organization is accounted for, giving managers the goal metrics on the employees they manage with ease. Functionality to set projected and functional goals through goal library.

Ability to monitor the progress of goals throughout the year, as well as compared to years passed. Separate log in for manager to review, rate, and approve goals for their reporting employees. Generate reports for any time period which can be annotated, saved as a PDF, and/or printed.

Top Features of cMaintenance by Crave

The facility maintenance process has technicians observe, create manual certificate, seek approval, and fix breakdowns. The time-consuming process is lengthened if the fixing of the breakdown requires specifically skilled worker

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