November 2019 Newsletter

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SAP to end On-prem Mobile Platform in 2020!

Going forward SAP’s mobile investments will be heavily focused on SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Service. This includes continued innovations in the SDK for iOS, enhancements to the micro app tool, and a priority on the low-code mobile developer kit. This single integrated mobile offering serves customers by providing a solution that integrates with both on-premises and cloud-based data sources, while innovating at the speed of the cloud. Read More..

How SAP Fiori is Transforming the Supply Chain and Logistics Industry

SAP Fiori is a new user experience that is built to make SAP applications more accessible, usable, and mobile. SAP Fiori offers a collection of role-based and transaction-based applications that can be accessed by enterprise users from a variety of devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. The enhanced responsiveness of SAP Fiori, its cross-device support, and ease-of-use is enabling all supply chain participants — from top-level managers to warehouse executives — to perform their tasks with greater convenience and efficiency. Read More..

SAP Fiori is transforming supply chain industry

Windows Mobile and 3G Phase out is here – Migrate your enterprise mobility to Android

“Windows Phone is officially the past, Microsoft recommends to switch to Android or iOS devices”.

Windows Phone devices will no longer receive security on December 10 of this year. Though third party apps may continue supporting Windows Apps, Microsoft will no longer support the platform. Read More..


Before smartphones and the applications for these organizations to use came along, businesses had to be depended on their workforce to update them of any issues sometime at a later time. oday, they can tell their seniors what is happening and search for solution at click of a button. This enables organizations to change any issues much faster.  Read More..

4 best benefits to mobilize your Supply Chain today!

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