Crave’s newsletter – Feb 2019

Crave Infotech welcomes all you fellow readers for this edition of its newsletter. This edition of our newsletter will touch on all our new innovations, success stories and achievements.

The past quarter was a tremendous year for Crave Infotech in terms of business with an increase in headcount by almost 60%. We changed our business strategy and in turn it helped us increase our clientele emphatically.

We have three new innovations for this year which we are more than eager to start implementation for:

cold chain logistics


Using IoT sensors, real time monitoring and analytics are now possible through our cold chain logistics solution. Crave assures you safe distribution, better quality certified delivery, proactive actions and predictive maintenance. In short we make sure of increased efficiency in operations and a boost in customer satisfaction.

Crave Connected BOT Package

With the advent of AI, it was time Crave brought into market its very own AI solution! Our solution specifically focuses on warehouse management. Current picking operation in the warehouse is manual and time-consuming Employees who issue transfer orders need to print them, wait for confirmation, and wait for approvals before the process begins In such scenarios there are high possibilities of human errors. So why not eliminate these errors and take a small step ahead with Crave in this drastically progressing world of technology!

Our Solution manages all aspects of Warehouse Management, from inventory tracking to order creation, through an SAP Leonardo-enabled chatbot as a virtual assistant.


Crave Dynamic Modeller (cDMOD)

Endless coding is required even for the simplest of the programs. But worry no more! We have the perfect solution for app development. cDMOD is the perfect solution for quickly design and configure simple, cloud-compatible applications with zero coding.

As we said earlier, 2018 was tremendous in terms of business as well as increased benefits for our well-reputed clients.

As we said earlier, 2018 was tremendous in terms of business as well as increased benefits for our well-reputed clients.

Here are some of the success stories we would like to highlight:

  • A large dental healthcare European company chose Crave to implement their salesforce automation mobile application using Fiori and Cloud Platform
  • Crave helped in implementing SAP Business One to a media company to manage their end to end business
  • Crave InfoTech exhibited at SAPPHIRE 2018 and will be exhibiting at SAPPHIRE 2019.
  • Crave Infotech has exhibited for the very first time in CPHI event India and we are also planning to exhibit in CPHI Frankfurt in 2019
  • Successful roll-out of EAM apps for a major global pharma company