Manish Meshram

Manish Meshram

Journey of Fresher to Sr. Solution Architect at Crave Infotech

Initially i joined as fresher , Crave was mainly working on SAP , i had no clue about SAP , i wanted to be programmer ,my senior colleagues in Crave helped me to carve out my career path.

I was given several opportunities to explore my skills and potential to the best, i started as seasoned programmer , then SAP, ABAP and now flourishing with SAP Mobile technologies. Crave has been always working on demanding and …  niche technologies which is excellent for future growth

I got several opportunities to travel onsite for projects which is very difficult to get in large companies now days.

Crave InfoTech has helped a lot to shape my career specially CEO(Shrikant Nistane) of the company. In Crave their is no barrier to talk to CEO and manager everybody can express their feelings and concerns.

After several years i became senior programmer then manager , company helped me at every stage of my career to accelerate my skills, it helped me to manage team and large project. Management team was extremely supportive.

I was given allowances for good work in projects, my appraisal was never a problem as i was performing good.

I come from middle class family, i had responsibilities to overcome financial crises, Crave has helped me not only achieve financial status but also provided me monitory help from my sibling marriage, father’s operation , to my won marriage. I have seen Crave helping many employees not just me in difficult times.

Crave was very helpful to accommodate request for working from home during difficult times.

Work culture in Crave is very good , most of the team members are young and energetic, some of the clients i worked with Crave are very established and i feel proud that i got chance to work and contribute for those client through Crave.

Crave has mix of techno-functional team which focuses on innovations and new technology which is very demanding in market.

This is company where i learned the end to end implementation they gave exposure to every little phase of the project to become solution architect.

I have seen employees who were with Crave for long duration are very established and competitive.

Company always listen to suggestion and works on improvement.