What’s in it for me? That’s the one thing everyone analyzes when they consider a product. So, here’s what is in Crave InfoTech-led SAP Business Tech Platform (BTP) enablement: Better and faster processes, total interoperability, visibility, agility, manageability, scalability, and security.

The world used to be driven by big data management and analysis. We are past that now – it’s all about intelligent data application to drive innovation and lasting competencies. This is where a platform like BTP can help you turn your data into value and push you to be a ‘best-run’ business.

We have spoken before about the benefits of Crave-implemented SAP BTP. You can read more about it here.

Today, we will talk about two key benefits of SAP BTP – integration and extension suites.


Why are integrability and extensibility important for your cloud or on-premise operations?


Business is essentially a system where one exchanges value to turn profits and better the overall ecosystem (consumers, companies, and market). So, in short – it’s about delivering value. The other aspect of business is that the perception of this value is constantly evolving. Consumer/client needs, expectations, and requirements change with the market’s landscape.

How do you ensure that your company is at the pinnacle of success within your industry? It’s about adapting and evolving your processes that work towards delivering the final ‘value’.

Now, there are 100’s of processes running concurrently across departments generating multiple petabytes of data while pushing for quality output. All these processes must run smoothly and should have complete interoperability. Interoperability is where processes and systems can easily ‘talk’ to each other and exchange information seamlessly.

Crave-led SAP BTP enablement ensures that legacy processes are upgraded in quality, accuracy, and speed on a platform primed for zero latency, 100% availability, and superior intelligence (analytics).

The other side of the coin is the SAP BTP Extension Suite.


Crave-enabled extensibility for SAP BTP – Building intelligent enterprises


You don’t want a blanket solution that’s pushed on you as an answer to your needs of automation and efficiency. You want one which doesn’t just fit perfectly with your specific industry and operations, but also infuses intelligence, speed, and scale within your processes.

Extensibility is the name of the game. Crave InfoTech has industry-ready solutions built for real-world industrial use-cases. Crave pre-packaged applications, fueled by the flexibility and fluency of BTP, helps bring in smartness for your operations.

This is it. Crave simplifies the power of SAP so that this globally-leading tech works to solve your exact problem and guides you to become the best-run version of yourself.

How does it work? Crave InfoTech has decades of experience with ERP solution implementation and sustenance which it couples with the world’s no. 1 enterprise solutions company, SAP. It guides your enterprise on your journey from your legacy base to an intelligent platform base (on-premise, hybrid, or cloud).

We perfect these solutions so you don’t have to spend extensive time and resources on building applications, interfaces, workflows, and solutions. Our products are ready to deploy within the fortnight, with a novel SAP Fiori interface and expertly configured workflows. This helps you adopt, adapt, and deploy BTP in quick time and realize positive operational and market value in quick time.


Actionable insights and where to find them


The present and future of enterprises lie in how they derive actionable insights and utilize them. Global competition and capabilities have made the base value of products have become fair game. It’s all about delivering incremental value. To do this, you must channel your data and turn it into actionable insights.

But if it’s so clear, why can’t every enterprise find it? The answer lies in the tech platform and solution architecture.

If your data isn’t structured on a single platform wherein all your processes work in conjunction with each other, then the data held starts stagnating. Interoperability and integrability with BTP help structure the data in key analytics and insights.

Extensibility, built over this interoperability, manages the ebb and flow of data to help shop floor users capture ground data in an easy and error-free manner. It also helps structure process workflows so all operations are smooth.

Further, the extensibility helps turn the key analytics and insights into actionable insights specific to your enterprise’s needs.

In a nutshell, you will have actionable insights at your fingertips exactly when you need them so that you can leverage them to improve your operations by reducing costs, improving throughput, reducing turnaround times, increasing margins, and in the end – gaining market share with well-timed and well-placed products.

BTP is your key to taking your enterprise from good to great, and finally to be the best. And, Crave InfoTech is your key-guide to go up and running quickly and effectively. Let’s talk.

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