Industry demo Wholesale and Distribution Value Proposition

Industry Reality

Wholesale and Distribution faces new realities and challenges, making it more important than ever to have the right technology. With the advent of online ordering, more orders are coming in than ever. Delivering time has also become extremely competitive, meaning that consumers expect their order quickly or they will go with someone else. Customers also expect you to always have their desired product in stock, making your warehouse organization methods more important than ever to make sure each square foot of space is being used to maximum efficiency.


Industry Challenges

Deciding the best way to organize warehouse inventory to create simple and quick picking process while fitting in as much inventory as possible can be very difficult to plan. Paperwork heavy processes increase procure-to-pay time, time spent on data entry, human error, and hurt efficiency. The actual distribution holds its own unique challenges such as breakdowns, hard to predict delivery time, wasted gas and time spent on inefficient delivery schedules.

How UI/UX and mobility is helping to achieve digital transformation goals

Your business needs tech that keeps inventory well managed, cuts time spent on procure-to-pay, minimizes delivery time and breakdowns, contains cutting edge technological capabilities, is easy to use, automates processes, operates on mobile, and saves you money. It also needs to be implemented as fast as possible, because your business doesn’t take breaks.

Crave InfoTech has developed a series of innovative solutions to digitize the data capture and analytics process in the form of the following apps.

Solutions for Wholesale and Distribution



Managers can track orders throughout the delivery process, and delivery staff can streamline loading, inventory, and route planning.

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Connected Vehicle and IoT Solution

Real-time tracking of vehicles and updates on various factors such as truck temperature when transporting sensitive material.

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View inventory, quickly turnover customers, and streamline end of day processes for staff and management.

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Warehouse Management Mobile App

Workers and Management are able to pick, access, and monitor Warehouse inventory.

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Digitization of forms, logbooks, and end-of-the day processes [readings, observations, alerts, messages] for operations team.

Dynamic Modeler

Without any coding, Users are able to reconfigure an existing app or create a new Fiori app.


Streamline the Truck Loading process at your plant and decrease the length of the latency period


Automate various aspects of your business, including Chat BOTs to help answer customer questions.

Crave is also getting your business ready for the future through our work with SAP Leonardo, IoT, Natural Language Processes [NLP], Machine Learning, Block Chain, Voice activated processes, temperature monitored shipping, and Virtual Assistants [Bots]. Crave apps and add-ons have full compliance, the quickest implementation time, the most competitive cost, and technological capabilities available nowhere else. We are ahead of our competition, and we can get you there too.

Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) up to 80% with our Fiori/UI5 Agile and Rapid Innovation Dynamic Modeler, 50+ SAP CP based pre-packaged SAP certified mobile applications, and Syclo extensions that align with standard SAP offerings.