As part of its user experience mantra of “new, renew and enable”, SAP has been dedicated to providing a user-level experience to employees across the enterprise. SAP recognizes that the ultimate goal of its software is to help users achieve their business tasks and goals; so the tools must be as functional and accessible as possible.

Whether an enterprise is looking for SAP Mobility Solutions that will aid in discovery and evaluation, purchasing or configuration and installation, each business process offers various opportunities for simplification.

The Move Away From Laptops and Desktops

While home users have been quick to adopt mobile platforms as their primary method for communication, research and shopping; at the enterprise level the change has been slower to come. Therefore new SAP Mobility tools are designed to work seamlessly across multiple platforms, whether employees are using their desktops, tablets or phones — they can expect the same functionality and information at hand.

Business Process Improvements that Benefit Users

While technology has helped simplify many aspects of enterprise management, it has also added extra layers of complexity to many functions. Now increasing management and user competencies are required to adequately monitor and process new systems and data requirements in place.

When mobility first came to the enterprise, it was often only available in a very constrained fashion — either tools were made specific to one device or operating system or a consistent online connection was needed to accommodate the architecture and application requirements. Today, workforces demand an intuitive, convenient user experience that translates to any platform or device.

SAP allows developers to deliver on business process improvements which provide: Complete enterprise management, better control over processes, the ability to assign accountability for corrective and preventative maintenance procedures, real-time data online and offline all with the better more intuitive user experience.  Developers can make use of tools such as push notifications, GPS and scanning to alert users to potential areas of concern, provide detailed location-specific information and real-time imaging, and on-site documentation.

Improving Client Interactions

SAP Mobility tools provide a supporting function to your business’s core competencies. Businesses may be busy investing heavily in capital resources to fuel greater growth but if software interfaces are causing delays and errors then the user can easily become frustrated.

This is especially true for customer-facing employees such as call centre representatives and salespeople, an unsuitable interface can make it difficult to access relevant customer data, product information and it will make it impossible to make changes to design and project requirements on the fly. The result is lost sales and orders.

The user interface advancements engendered by SAP Mobility allow customer-facing personnel to access retrieve analytics and detailed customer information from any mobile device in real-time. A better interface means that these tools are designed for better visibility and functionality too. A more intuitive design also means that your business doesn’t need to spend as much on training and development.

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