Mobility Strategy

Mobile strategies can no longer be simple add-ons or after thoughts.
Operating in real time the speed, ability and connectivity to do business, anywhere and everywhere is here to stay. A comprehensive mobile strategy is the core of a mobile time enterprise and can open up an untold number of opportunities to drive engagement, elevate brand value, improve workplace efficiencies, explore new markets and improve customer satisfaction.

Crave InfoTech can help companies in digitally transforming their complex processes and reduce total cost of the ownership up to 80% using cDMOD – Agile and Rapid Innovation using Crave Dynamic Modeler and 50+ pre-packaged Mobile apps.

We help you find the right SAP mobile app development platform for your mobile maintenance and management needs!

Crave Pre-Packaged mobile apps comes with following features

  • All applications are highly configurable to meet client specific needs
  • The App package includes UI, middleware and SAP ABAP backend code
  • Rapid deployment – implements in weeks rather than months
  • Fully responsive to work with all form factors and operating systems
  • Works offline when there is no internet connectivity for hours and days
  • Seamlessly integrates with any ERP system for transactional, factsheet and analytical apps
  • Quick transition path from ITS Mobile, SAP Console/ TekConsole and for warehouse management app
  • Available on-premise or cloud
  • If your digital transformation needs are beyond our pre-packaged apps then we use our reusable UI components library to development custom apps to meet your specific needs in weeks.
  • Additionally, Pre-packaged has a number of security features. These include data encryption, authorized login, as well as Data Vault for secure storage of sensitive data. The Single Sign-On (SSO) property facilitates ease of use, as users can access all of the application’s resources with one-time credentials entry. These resources include servers, data sources, packages and more.

Achieving success in the current competitive environment requires the CIO’s to engineer a digital transformation strategy that can manage costs and ensure effectiveness from day one by leveraging existing investments in enterprise management systems. Please download our CIO Digital Transformation Handbook to understand current industry challenges, opportunities to leverage SAP tools along with Crave InfoTech’s value add-ons, and our vision for this digital transformation journey.

Advisory Services
Our consultation and expertise is available in all three platforms
Mobility Strategy Architecture

Please download our “Digital Transformation Advisory Services Handbook” to understand how Crave InfoTech can supplement your internal efforts to define your digital transformation journey by understanding your KPI’s. As a trusted partner we help you in selecting the right SAP tools for your specific requirement, communication infrastructure review, process review, and review of your technology platforms to define your business case

User Inrteraction and User Experience (UI/UX) for Enterprise Mobility

Crave InfoTech extends SAP offerings and converts them into reality faster and more affordable than the competition. Using a configurable app pool, a rapid deployment solution, an innovative implementation methodology that reduces time to launch, Crave is able to achieve total cost of ownership up to 80%.

This is possible because Crave InfoTech’s highly skilled, dedicated, and motivated team has worked since 2007 to deliver high-quality services and pre-packaged solutions in S4 HANA, SAP ECC, SAP Business One, SAP Cloud Platform (SCP), Business Intelligence, Enterprise Mobility, Cloud hosting, and Data Warehouse Management. One of the core reasons we succeed is our methodology.


Design Thinking

SAP Design Thinking is our unique approach to finding solutions. When the same team meets in the same place and follows the same process, the chances are they will get the same result. Look at how we take people, process, & place to find real solutions to real problems!

Manage the design process using

Pick a template from Gallery

A catalogue of Fiori prototypes to reference and to remix to fit YOUR end users’ needs. Use it to find the best UX patterns for your designs and to help build high fidelity prototypes in minutes.

Iterate Collaboratively

Create clickable mock-ups of your application from your sketches. Then turn them into refined prototypes and bring them to life by dragging and dropping real SAP UI5 elements.

Engage Users

Understand your users’ needs. Collect informal feedback or easily create remote usability studies on each iteration of your design. BUILD makes it easy to bring users into the design process

Agile and Rapid Innovation Dynamic Modeller (cDMOD) – Build apps quickly with zero coding

  • Quickly design and configure simple, Cloud Compatible apps with zero coding
  • Transition into user friendly UI and overall user experience
  • Implementation is 99% faster than competition, taking a few hours instead of months.
  • Contains fully functional offline mode unlike most apps on the market
  • Apps have same user experience whether on IOS , Android , tablet or Desktop
  • Fully incorporates novel mobile features like signature capture, QR codes scanning & document attachments.

Pre-packaged Applications

We have built over 50+ pre-packaged apps using Rapid Deployment Solution, a methodology that begins with Design Thinking. We work with customers in the Design Thinking process to address all pain points and concerns. The customer also works with us during prototyping on to make sure all needs are met. This can also be achieved with our Dynamic Modeler app, which allows customers to create their own Fiori apps without coding in 10 minutes.

Crave has experience upgrading from Fiori 1.0 to 2.0 as well as implementing Fiori 2.0 as your first version of the software. Some of our applications have won national awards from SAP community. Our customers call us their MOD2 partner for their UIUX initiative using Fiori, Agility, innovation, and fast response, and quality of work and timely delivery.

Three Step implementation process

Resulting in:

  • Faster time to deploy
  • Upto 80% saving in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Through the steps, you can see how we achieve our short implementation periods and low costs. We have pre-packaged apps, ready to be modified for your specific needs. This is a short process, allowing us to implement quickly and to spend less, thus lowering your cost.

Rapid Deployment Solutions

Configure and customize the following SAP standard functionality:

  • Fiori 3.0
  • My Inbox
  • Screen Persona
  • Fiori iOS SDK
  • RF Screens

Custom Development:

  • SAPUI5
  • Mobile App
  • ABAP
  • Slipstream Engine
  • Netweaver Gateway
  • API Integration & development

In addition to SAP FIori, we also provide services around:

  • Angular
  • ReactNative
  • ABAP
  • Ionic
  • Web IDE
  • API Integration and development
  • UI5
  • Screen Persona

SAP Mobile Platform (SMP)

Implementation Services

Crave has developed over 50+ apps on SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) and SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services (CPms), including both offline and real-time capabilities. Some of these applications are featured in our product list as well as the SAP App Store. Some of their key capabilities and services includes.

  • Single Sign On
  • Recommendation of Hardware devices/Mobile computers for intrinsically safe environment.
  • Developing mobile apps combining data for SAP & non SAP systems
  • Configuration /Sizing of DMZ / Load balancer/ Firewall / SMP /SAP CP / Cloud connector
  • Setup Push Notification.
  • Packaging of Mobile apps for IOS, Android and windows
  • SMP SDK- Kapsel / Android / IOS / Windows
  • Enable offline capabilities
  • Delta downloads and Conflict resolution.
  • Integration gateway
  • Security Setup
  • IDP Authentication
  • IDP Authentication
  • Mocana Security
  • Mobile Device Management – Afaria / Airwatch
  • Fiori Client integration with SMP/HCPms.
  • Packaging custom Fiori client
  • RFID / Barcode peripheral integration with mobile device
  • Label / receipt printing from Mobile.
  • Configuration and development of Agentry app
  • Agentry Google / ESRI map integration and extensions using OpenUI.
  • Implementation of Standard Agentry apps – SAP Work Manager, SAP Inventory Manager, SAP
  • Rounds Manager, SAP CRM Service Manager.
  • Migration of SUP/SMP MOB based apps to oData
  • Client Branding

Standard SAP Implementation

Crave InfoTech’s SAP Syclo RDS provides customers with a faster way to mobilize SAP Plant Maintenance, Field Services, Inventory and CRM Service processes to improve field workforce productivity and asset efficiency with latest release product of SAP Mobile Platform.

The SAP Inventory Manager feature helps maintain and manage inventory levels, contributing to the convenience and efficiency of fulfilling and tracking orders.

Crave InfoTech Specialises in SAP Plant Maintenance, ISU-CCS and Mobile Asset Management module with domain expertise of more than 15 years. The 4 to 7 week offer from Crave InfoTech incorporates scope confirmation and implementation that requires minimal configuration but would be considered the foundation for further process for customization.

SAP Work Manager

With the SAP Work Manager mobile app, you have the tools needed to improve workforce safety and optimize asset life and reliability, as well as streamline processes by eliminating paper work and shortening work cycles.

We help with the following module in WM:

  • Maintenance process for Notification and Work Order
  • Linear Asset Management
  • Meter Management
  • Customer Service
  • Crew Management

SAP Inventory Manager

With the SAP Inventory Manager mobile app you have the tools needed to improve and manage inventory levels, efficiently fill customer orders and track the movement of materials using mobile devices with scanning functionality.

SAP Rounds Manager

With the SAP Rounds Manager mobile app for iPhone and iPad, you have the tools needed to magnify the value of routine condition monitoring, meter reading and field measurements by recording more accurate data and analyzing it faster.


SAP CRM Service Manager

With the SAP CRM Service Manager mobile, you can maximize efficiency and effectiveness of your field technicians by providing them real-time access to relevant information and tools. The app connects to the SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) application and enables status updates, last-minute changes.

Backup_of_Mobility-changes14may 2017

Crave InfoTech now support the implementation of SAP Work Manager (Agentry Platform) on HANA cloud platform as a subscription based service.

Successful Implementation of Syclo Work Manager for Largest Paint Manufacturer in Asia

Largest paint manufacturer with turnover of over 2.3 billion dollar

This was Asia’s second largest Asset Management implementation

Implemented Standard Work Manager for Breakdown, Preventive and Predictive Maintenance for two plants with following customization’s

  • Integrated Syclo with open text document management system for uploading and downloading documents and pictures
  • Assignments based on planner group and Work Center both
  • Kaizen, Fuzai and TPM processes
  • Workflow approval for the material issue and return from Mobile
  • Contractor Assignment
  • Various Custom reports on mobile
  • Custom User statuses workflow from mobile
  • Catalog codes based driven processes

Successful Implementation of Syclo Meter Management for Largest Electric and Water Supply in UAE

This is UAE’s largest utility company with 200,000 customer base.

Implemented Meter Management process for Meter Reading with the following customization:

  • Implemented Notification driven process for Meter Install, Remove, Replace, Disconnection, Reconnection, Turn off and Turn on
  • Addition of custom field for Meter reading
  • Push Implementation for Notification

Successful Implementation of Syclo Work Order Management with Oracle EAM system for largest Water Utility company in Saudi Arabia

This is Saudi Arabia largest Water utility company 150,000 customer base.

Implemented Work Order Management with Oracle EAM backend.

  • Implemented Operation based execution of work for inspection and maintenance
  • Integrated with SOA web service layer with Oracle EAM
  • Integrated ESRI Map for Red line marking and Job Creation

Crave has developed Work Clearance Manager plugin with SAP Work Manager. It allows user to capure WCD, WCA, Tagging and un-tagging details


Light Syclo

Light Syclo are Crave’s Field Service Manager (cFSM), Calibration(cCalibration) and Maintenance (cMaintenance ) mobile apps which are developed using Fiori guidelines, SAPUI5 on HANA Cloud Platform

cFSM covers all the utilities 50 plus inbuilt scenarios for meter management and Inspections

cMaintenance covers all the Plant Maintenance scenarios of Breakdown, Corrective and Preventive Maintenance

cCalibration mobile app helps to automate all the complex QM and PM transactions to the simplified mobile screen. All light Syclo apps on HCP works in offline, online both

End-to-End Mobility Solution

With SAP mobile platform, designing and deploying mobile apps that are compatible with a range of mobile devices becomes efficient. The middleware platform allows user to connect both existing applications and enterprise systems with mobile devices. The application is both on-premise and cloud-based, with a diverse range of connections and resources to be utilized in development processes.

Additionally, SAP Mobile Platform has a number of security features. These include data encryption, authorized login, as well as Data Vault for secure storage of sensitive data. The Single Sign-On (SSO) property facilitates ease of use, as users can access all of the application’s resources with one-time credentials entry. These resources include servers, data sources, packages and more.


  • Accelerated Solutions: decrease time-to-market through facilitated collaboration
  • Flexibility and Versatility: through incremental and modular delivery
  • Cost Effectiveness: a per-device-payment model for better cash flow
  • Scale and Reach: end-to-end service and delivery
  • Planners can monitor the current status of resources, customers and work requests for improved control over mobile workforce planning and resource allocation
  • Mobile professionals can share the information they need to close sales, perform error-free technical services or respond faster to customer requests
  • Mobile professionals can send reports or billing information upon completion of tasks immediately back to the office
  • Companies can process orders faster, implement just-in-time lean manufacturing practices, better control inventories and send invoices faster
  • Management can systematically define, measure, analyze, improve and control
  • Finally, Integrated Service Registration, made possible by Crave InfoTech Solutions, provides fast and reliable integration to ERP and CRM systems to achieve best business practices

HANA Cloud Platform

With the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Crave InfoTech will help you a to transform and accelerate your business process like never before! We enable simplification of the IT systems, and deliver more intelligence. The platform is ideal for mobile enterprises, as it provides a basis for all data needs, eliminating unnecessary sole legacy systems and data silos.

We use the SAP HANA Cloud Platform to incorporate scalability and simplicity in your mobile strategy, as well as synch it to your industry’s standards. The platform unites SAP with non-SAP software—in-cloud or on-premise—and streamlines enterprise-related services to enable developers to prioritize user experience over low-level coding. SAP HANA Cloud Platform’s open architecture supports dynamic mobile ecosystem and a variety of development tools.


Crave InfoTech takes process simplification to the next level with SAP S/4 HANA next-gen business suite, followed by personalization of the digitized processes with SAP Fiori. SAP Fiori employs modern concepts to deliver a role-based, consumer-grade user experience, automating tasks across a wide range of devices. Enterprises can take advantage on increased user productivity to boost data quality, increase compliance, and minimize support and training costs. The UX also employs SAP developer tools and technology to extend customized SAP Fiori applications.

Mobile Application Development

There are different approaches and technological possibilities in developing mobile applications. To find the best approach for you, an analysis and prioritization of your requirements are essential.

Web Applications 

With the right conceptual design and tools a web application is formed that can be comfortably used on any device – whether it’s Smartphone, Tablet or PC.

Native Applications 

Native means to use the specific tools and methods of the target platform. It is a completely independent development for Android, iOS or Windows. In return, you have the possibility to implement high-performance applications which are integrated seamlessly in the target platform and can use all of its features.

Hybrid Applications 

The increasingly popular hybrid approach means to combine HTML5 development and native development. The underlying idea is:

  • Base functionality of the application is developed with HTML5 technology (e.g. SAPUI5 or the freely available OPENUI5 from SAP)
  • The completed application is embedded in a container. For each target platform, there is another container. Such container can be created automatically with tools like Apache Cordova. It is not necessary to develop them
  • Access to contacts, the GPS position or other device features can be provided by using so-called plugins. Only these need to be developed individually for each target platform