Digital transformation of Calibration Process through Crave Calibration

Crave Digital Transformation of calibration process ensures digital transformation project which means that it is technology-centric. The value in technology and indeed with digital transformation is in doing things differently. Digital accredit new business models. The most valuable transformations come from changing the business through a considered range of technologies and management interventions. For instance, a customer strategy might use mobile along with other digital technologies to constantly increase personalization, engagement, and satisfaction. This strategy finds uses for technologies well beyond mobile. Business leaders who focus on transformation (and strategic transformation at that) are far more successful than those who just focus on the digital transformation of calibration. Technology adoption will not yield the same results for a business as one who is strategically transformed. This does not mean that companies should avoid new technologies and managers and business leaders must not ignore rapidly-emerging digital innovation and progression. It means that these new technologies must be fit for purpose. Digital transformation of calibration is not a “me too” strategy.

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cCalibrationCalibrate Your Equipment Faster, More Accurately, And with Full Compliance


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  • Complete workflow built inside the cCalibration mobile app for engineering and production personnel.
  • Assignment of the work order, capture timestamps, capture results, validation of results, capture necessary approvals for usage decision, capture failure details, materials consumed, Equipment release and label printing.
  • Master Instrument assignment and validation of readings with Master calibration for planned and unplanned characteristics as per defined SOP.
  • Integration with SAP PM and SAP QM module remove data entry pain.
  • Defect creation and managing replacement of instrument in case of calibration failure


  • Essential focal point in managing calibration in SAP is to ensure that the end product should be least equal or satisfactory than the current system. The various types of instrument calibration methods play major challenge in implementing calibrations in SAP was experienced. For the implementation into SAP, the basic requirement was,
  • The outcome from calibration must be captured in SAP & should be retrieved easily.
  • Generation of work orders through SAP according to the exact Scheduling information for each instrument to be calibrated.
  • Generation of Calibration Certificate in SAP in a printable form containing all information needed to prove that the instrument was calibrated correctly.


  • On periodic basis Existing Business has to perform calibration of testing the equipment is in-house and for few types of equipment, it is done by the external vendor. As soon as calibration of test equipment is done location details, calibration date is updated in the document called history card. History card is the collection of unique serial numbers which is also the label on test equipment. Calibration test equipment schedule is maintained manually. Quality control team review particular documents periodically to know test equipments pending for calibration. Workers consume excessive time manually taking readings and logging the data again later on.DAta quality is inaccurate and inconsistent. Meeting regulatory compliance is complicated with the quality of data and manual paperwork. Calibration Process is expensive and lengthy.
  •  A disruptive app, pre-packaged to expedite the implementation time, ROI reduction and realization in TCO up to 80%.Fully scalable technology that increases with the business.
  • End-to-end offline capabilities
  • In barcode App Scanner and signature capture capabilities
  •  User-friendly UI & completely configurable from the back-end
  • Calibration enhances Multilingual capabilities.
  • Completely responsive with ios, Tablet, Android etc.Out of the box.
  • Uploading of current Test Equipment in SAP system
  • Capturing history of Calibration status for Test Equipment, Last Calibration date, Location details, Procurement details

Solution Innovation

  • Entire workflow and Cloud integration built inside the Crave Calibration mobile app for engineering and production personnel for complete compliance.
  • All function from assignment to completion is to be done offline.
  • App processes involved assignment of the work order, capture timestamps, validation of results, result recording, capture necessary approvals for usage decision, capture failure details, materials consumed, equipment release, and label printing in the field.
  • Scanning is to be performed for identification of the correct equipment.
  • Master Instrument assignment and validation of readings with calibration for planned & unplanned features as per defined SOP.
  • User authentication and forwarding available to reduce the length of the approval procedure.
  •  Create reports and audit logs with the help of time stamp.
Solution Innovations

Value Drivers

  • Improve the accuracy of readings by 40%.
  • Reduce time of calibration procedure by at least 60%.
  • Failure handled 90% accuracy, efficiency and follow up.
  • Reduce process paper consumption by at least 80%.
  • Real-time Integration for SAP QM and SAP PM Module removes the need for data entry.