c-Rounds Manager

cRounds Manager is a comprehensive mobile solution for the automation of asset management and field service processes. It provides the tools needed to magnify the value of routine condition monitoring, meter reading, and field measurements by recording more accurate data and analyzing it faster. With cRounds Manager mobile app, users can take immediate action when they find a potential problem by generating work orders and notifications on the spot.


  • Paper based processes prone to data entry errors
  • No room for audit checks on inspections to verify the inspection activities
  • Trends/Charts are difficult to identify
  • Cannot ensure process compliance
  • Difficult to meet regulatory requirements

Our Innovations And Solutions

  • Record more accurate measurements and readings by eliminating on-paper notation
  • Automatically compare new data to tracked historic standards and safe ranges
  • Generate notifications of potential problems on-the-spot
  • Anticipate emergencies and outages with easy review of trend readings, points, and sequences
  • Download round data by equipment type, functional location or measurement points
  • Automatically calculate readings, limits, alerts, and collection frequencies
  • Support on SMP 3.0 Platform

Our Value Drivers

  • Rounds based on Work Orders or custom objects in SAP
  • Define rounds to include multiple equipments and functional locations in SAP
  • Download rounds with equipment, functional locations, measurement ranges and trends in mobile
  • View equipment and functional locations for the round in a map (used by utilities, CPG, etc.)
  • Record measurement documents along with GPS location for the rounds either online or offline
  • Check for out of range readings
  • Create Notification to report issues – take pictures and attach pictures to the notification
  • Submit round documents with all measurement readings and comments