Crave’s newsletter – Dec 2019

4 most-read articles you may not want to miss!

Here is the quick snippet of our most important recent blogs bundled specifically to keep you up to date with the latest developments in the SAP Universe. Happy Reading!

SAP to end On-prem Mobile Platform support in 2020!

Going forward SAP’s mobile investments will be heavily focused on SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Service. Read More..

SAP Fiori is transforming supply chain industry
How SAP Fiori is Transforming the Supply Chain and Logistics Industry

Fiori enablement is transforming supply chains from the ground up, leading to unprecedented results such as: Enhanced visibility across supply chains, Optimized resource utilization, Read more..

Windows Mobile OS and 3G Phase out is here – Migrate your enterprise mobility to Android

“Windows Phone is officially the past, Microsoft recommends to switch to Android or iOS devices”. Windows Phone devices will no longer Read More..

4 best benefits to mobilize your Supply Chain today!
4 Benefits to mobilize your Supply Chain today!

Before smartphones and the applications for these organizations to use came along, businesses had to be depended on their workforce to update them of any issues sometime at a later time Read more..