Exploring the Importance of Mobility for Logistics Companies

It goes without saying that the logistics industry relies on mobility, not just of the workforce but of the assets and the inventory as well.

With the industry set to expand at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of around 7% until 2021, more and more logistical companies are mobilizing their assets to give themselves a competitive advantage over their rivals.

SAP Mobility for Logistics

That being said, there are a few who are still skeptical about the importance of mobility and refuse to mobilize their workforce.

To help them make a more educated decision, we’ve decided to compile a list of the ways how mobility is beneficial to them. So, if you operate in the logistics industry, here’s how this technology can help you withstand growing competition.

1. Real-time Inventory Information:

The best thing about mobility is that it arms companies with real-time information about their inventory and their assets. This leads to increased savings as companies can reduce their warehouse workforce.

Furthermore, a mobile and dynamic warehouse is much more efficient at floor space utilization and is faster than the manual counting of goods and products.

2. Improved Decision Making:

Another reason why we’re such strong advocates of mobility for logistics companies is that it helps the company’s think tanks and CEOs make more educated decisions. This reduces the element of risk from an investment and almost guarantees a profitable business venture.

Mobility also helps businesses retrieve and process real-time data and take the appropriate action promptly. This allows organizations to capitalize on temporary windows of opportunity – something that just wouldn’t be possible under a conventional business model.

3. Enhanced Company-Customer Relationship:

Mobility is also your safest bet to enhance your relationships with your customers. This is because mobile services enhance your end-user experience by enabling them to better track their ordered products.

This allows logistical companies to keep up with the exponentially-increasing customer expectations and results in the formation of fruitful and long lasting client-company relationships.

4. Drives Employee Efficiency:

If you’re of the opinion that your workforce could perform better then mobilizing your resources is a simple yet effective way of achieving that effect. We say this because when you arm your employees with mobile devices that work on real-time data, they can make decisions on the go as they aren’t restricted to their desktops.

In a nutshell, mobility can drive productivity and increase your employee efficiency as it not reduces the manual effort on their part but helps them better manage their time and efforts.

5. Attraction and Retention of Top Talent:

It’s an open secret that the newest batch of recruits will be looking to work for an organization that has the latest technology as it makes their lives significantly easier. Furthermore, if you’re going to tempt key performers away from your rivals and towards your firm, you need to offer them incentives which simplify their job.

This is where mobility enters the picture. With the logistics industry experiencing an exponential boon in 2017, the time is ripe for companies to invest in mobility as it will help them attract and retain the top talent. This strengthens your position in the industry while weakening that of your rivals – something that can help you outperform your competitors.

It’s because of these reasons and countless others that we highly recommend mobilizing your workforce, inventory, and assets – particularly if you operate in the logistics industry. A simple and effective way of achieving that effect is to opt for our SAP HANA Mobility and Mobile EAM solutions.

The Crave InfoTech team has been involved with SAP since 2007 and can easily help you integrate these mobile solutions. So, if you want to ensure the financial stability and growth of your company, get in touch with us today!

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