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Crave InfoTech is an Independent Software Solutions Vendor (ISSV), SAP Value Added Reseller and member of Global SAP Partner Edge Build program. We provide services in SAP UI_UX, SAP ERP, Cloud Enablement, IoT, Enterprise Mobility, Machine Learning, Blockchain and Healthcare.
Digital Transformation has impacted channels as well as customers. It brings new opportunities for organizations that can embrace the technology quickly which in turn speeds time-to-market, and decreases costs. Clients choose Crave InfoTech as their partner of choice due to our agile development model.

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Our Products

Enterprise Asset Management


Enterprise Asset Management is used to plan, optimize, execute and track the needed maintenance activities with the allocated priorities, skills, materials, tools, and information. Our main products of EAM are given below.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Supply Chain includes the processes involved from the production to the distribution of a commodity. Our main products pertaining to supply chain are given below.

SAP Business One

SAP Business One Add-On’s

In the SAP Business One, we have a range of specialties to help customers in multiple aspects of their business need. Our SAP Business One related products are given below.

Connected Asset

Connected Asset / IoT

Connected Asset Management is designed to upgrade the operational planning of physical assets using the application of sensors and specialized analytics resulting in minimizing operating and maintenance costs by enhancing production & IoT to drive new customer services, revenue streams and business models.



The race for Artificial Intelligence is on and most of the tech companies are developing Chatbots to serve their customer in a proper manner. Bots play vital role in SAP which helps us to understand that users who are controlled by AI-powered applications share same rights as regular users which in turn helped us to mechanize the tasks you might give to an actual human user.



Upgrading the digitization of relevant business processes throughout your company and make your business fit for the future with SAP S/4HANA! SAP S/4HANA is the next SAP ERP generation specially designed for working with the role-based and intuitive SAP Fiori user interface. It is based on the SAP HANA database.

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Our Services



Workplace requires the identical type of mobility services because not every workplace is moving employees in the same way. As we explore for the suitable solution for our organization we ensure that whether our options acknowledge the immense trends affecting your specific workforce. Mobility services are required if many younger workers staff workplace



Collective solutions can’t acknowledge industry-specific challenges. Due to this SAP created software with industry-specific top practices, processes, and tools to provide business users the exact functionality as per requirement. In case of small business, an intermediate company or an immense enterprise, each industry portfolio is based on a comprehensive knowledge of the processes that drive your business.

API Development

API Development

APIs represent for numerous businesses and it is important to consider API development best practices while designing  API’s. API’s used for the enterprise are more like products than code and are designed to be used by specific audiences (e.g. mobile developers) well-documented and versioned so users can have expectations of the API maintenance and lifecycle.


Staff Augmentation

We provide staff augmentation, team services (T&M and SOW) and direct hire models which further helps you fastly ramp up your team to meet your organizational business objectives. Providing flexible effective workforce and maintain staff through difficult times.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Certainly, discover and share insights & make better decisions by relying on the SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence. Three main technologies are working globally virtual, augmented and mixed (VR/AR/MR)-artificial intelligence.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics

Business Analytics provides systematic analysis solutions from SAP uniquely accredit collective insight by delivering an enterprise business intelligence solution that gives you the power to engage with all your data on any device and across any platform.


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Industries We Work


Crave InfoTech, 2018 ACE Award Winner and 2015 Pinnacle award finalist is an independent software solutions vendor (ISSV), a trusted Zebra partner, Here technologies partner, Google partner, diversity supplier, SAP VAR, and member of the global SAP PartnerEdge program with a Build specialization. Crave InfoTech is also an ISO 9000–certified global software and technology services company headquartered in New Jersey. It provides services in SAP UI and UX, SAP ERP, cloud enablement, the Internet of Things, enterprise mobility, machine learning, blockchain, and healthcare. Companies can reduce total cost of ownership up to 80% using Crave InfoTech’s Dynamic Modeler with SAP Fiori and UI5 for agile and rapid innovation, 50+ prepackaged SAP-certified mobile apps based on SAP Cloud Platform, Leonardo and Asset Manager extensions that align with standard SAP offerings.

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Our Partners

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Request for Demo

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