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UN/EDIFACT – Version: D.96A (Syntax Version: 3, Batch Mode)

This package provides a set of approved UN/EDIFACT V. D.96A (Syntax V. 3) message types based on SAP specific XSD representation. These XSDs can be directly used for the step types EDI Splitter (EDIFACT), EDI/XML Converter (EDIFACT), and Message Mapping.

The set of provided set of XSDs for UN/EDIFACT Version D.96A (Syntax Version 3) message types for batch mode are located in tab “Documents”. Following message types are available yet:

  • Interchange Envelope XSD
  • APERAK – Application error and acknowledgement message
  • DELFOR – Delivery schedule message
  • DESADV – Despatch advice message
  • IFCSUM – Forwarding and consolidation summary message
  • IFTMIN – Instruction message
  • INVOIC – Invoice message
  • INVRPT – Inventory report message
  • ORDCHG – Purchase order change request message
  • ORDERS – Purchase order message
  • ORDRSP – Purchase order response message
  • PARTIN – Party information message
  • RECADV – Receiving advice message
  • REMADV – Remittance advice message
  • SLSRPT – Sales data report message
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