Crave InfoTech is a leading provider of GPS tracking applications, field service and mobile workforce management solutions. The tracking application provides real time information about vehicle, people, job and asset locations. Knowing where your vehicles, employees and assets are at all times gives you the power to make on time and money-saving decisions. This approach delivers immediate return on investment in customer service, reduces operational cost and improve asset health.


Real Time Track & Trace your Asset
  • Configurable SAP Integration
  • One fully integrated solution for Production, Warehouse, Shipping, Customer and Distribution chain to monitor the lifecycle movement of the products.
  • Tracking Asset Locations, Attributes, Pictures and Lifecycle on a map based user interface
  • Flexible searching and tracking movement of assets
  • Scanner and printer interface
  • Fully configurable Mobile application for asset inspection and inventory.
  • Customer interface to query the asset location based upon SG1 number.
  • Portal and mobile application for customer to send requests.