SAP Business One Add-ons: Our fully integrated add-ons supplement standard SAP Business One offerings to meet your end to end needs to increase productivity and operations efficiency.

Integrated Hospital Management Solution

Revolutionary approach to automate the complex hospital process (cIHMS) !

Crave InfoTech has taken a revolutionary approach to automate the complex hospital process through its Integrated Hospital Management Solution suitable for clinics, hospitals (ambulatory and in-patient), Nursing home, Behavioral health, Senior assisted living, and drug rehab organizations. The solution addresses Patient Management, EMR, Billing, Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), Patient Portal, Mobile applications for doctor& nurse. This application is fully integrated and shares database for Financials, Inventory, Billing, Asset Management, and Vehicle Tracking.

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Electronic Healthcare System

Digitize the medical records using electronic medical record solution cHealthcare !

Mobility is playing a critical role in the technology revolution of the industries and Healthcare sector cannot be an exception. Crave InfoTech has adopted mobility in it's Hospital Management Solution as well and cEMR is one of such mobile offering.

Silent Features-
  • Doctor Console on mobile making the patient care more efficient to view all the patient information and patient history. The same application allow doctors to enter the clinical orders, tasks and suggested course of action
  • Seamless integration with Integrated Hospital Solution backed-up by SAP Business One ERP solution
  • User friendly and intuitive mobile UI
  • Device agnostic solution which works on any device form factor

Medical Billing

Errorless bill generation for singal & multiple payer using cMedbilling !

Integrated Hospital Management Solution offered by Crave Infotech can handle all the real life scenarios of the hospital. The key features of the solution are listed below.


Clinical data capture made simple using cClinical !

Crave InfoTech understands the importance of monitoring, documenting and measuring the clinical processes in a hospital. Following eight clinical modules specific to clinical specialization allows doctors to capture clinical information specific to their patient needs.

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Key Features
  • Pediatrics
  • Gynecology
  • General Physician
  • Psychiatric
  • Neurology
  • Cardiac
  • Spinal Cord
  • Orthopedic
  • Physiotherapy

Point of Sale

Digitally transform your sales process using Crave Point of Sale (cPOS) !

Point of Sale (POS) for Retail Solutions portfolio provides retailers across different sectors with opportunities to transform today's challenges into stepping stones to success. A better understanding of the business and clientele, provided by the program, further helps in maximising profits and ensuring optimum results.
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Electronic Proof of Delivery

cEPOD – A Perfect Solution for Seamless Delivery Management !

Crave InfoTech’s Electronic Proof of Delivery (cEPOD) Mobility solution offers an optimum solution to manage deliveries using mobile handheld devices and also monitor them in real time.

cEPOD is an ideal solution to achieve:

  • Increase the accuracy in deliveries with barcode scanning mechanism
  • Manage delivery inventory using order queue and inventory module
  • Delivery confirmation with Signature Capture to avoid customer grievances
  • Real time delivery assignment for Priority Deliveries
  • Ensure on time deliveries through real time monitoring
  • Completely paperless system

Product Order Management

cPOM – Digital Transformation of Shop Floor Activities !

Tracking end to end process on the shop floor is critical to minimize the downtime and improve the workforce efficiency. cPOM allow operations to track key activities of the workforce during the end to end production order process.

  • Raw material picking using mobile scanners
  • Capture start and stop times of the production, capturing finished product quantity, image and scanning packaging bar code details
  • Responsive mobile application to allows production workers to capture the details on the go and update all the transactions in the ERP system real-time
  • Reporting modules allow bin counters to track the employee productivity and production time by product, batch and lots.
Tracking of activities

Assets Tracking

Digital Transformation of Tracking Vehicles, Jobs and Assets using cTrack !

Crave InfoTech's Asset Tracking is an integrated solution providing Flexible Work Scheduling, Field Service Manager and Asset Tracking. The solution has been specially designed keeping in mind the challenges faced by service centric organizations.

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Assets Tracking

Key Features
  • Real time geo positioning of fixed and movable assets using GPS technology
  • Job tracking and job assignment
  • Route optimization, Vehicle immobilization, Geo fencing, Route deviations, Real time traffic conditions and alerts
  • Vehicle maintenance plan and capturing maintenance details
  • Monitoring of Vehicle parameters such as ignition On/Off, speed, fuel sensing, driving pattern etc.
  • Historical data analysis using bread crumb trail functionality allows investigation of customer complaints, discipline workforce based upon auditable information, defend workforce against false allegations.
  • Built-in scenarios applicable to service industry
  • Pre-packaged app minimizes implementation timelines and supports realization of early ROI

Grant Management

Better and accurate way of managing the Grants through cGrants !
  • Improves administrative efficiency
  • Manages all key accounting processes and helps in controlling cash flow, budgets and grants
  • Helps in keeping track of pre-approved grant opportunities
  • Ensures effective procurement
  • Helps with controlling and reporting expenditure in relation to the budget
  • Uses real-time data to create precise and timely reports for planning strategies and audit reviews

Royalty Management

Effectively manage Royalty Payments using cRoyalty !
  • Track and manage royalty terms and conditions for each licensed item Track patent details
  • Terms and conditions can be one or combination of Sales, Volume, Milestone or fixed cost
  • Auto calculation of royalty amounts and invoicing based upon the sharing with inventors and co-owners
  • Fully integrated with financials and accounting module

Invoice Automation

Avoid invoicing delays using Invoice Automation !
  • User defined filtering criteria e.g. Business partner & cost center dimensions.
  • Ability to choose multiple documents from filtered output to convert into invoices
  • Can be scheduled to run in background mode
  • Combine multiple documents into one invoice

Invoice Matching

Make invoice matching process more efficient using Invoice Matching !
  • Provides flexibility in defining tolerance for reconciliation
  • Highlights records which do not fall in the tolerance band
  • Reduces manual intervention for improved accuracy
  • Enhances productivity by minimizing the time spent on manual work

ABC Analysis

ABC Analysis for better decision making !
  • Configurable ABC analysis parameters
  • Can be scheduled as a batch to run in auto
  • Updates each material master with ABC classification

Equipment Maintenance

Maintain equipment history and mange maintenance activities effectively using Equipment Maintenance !
  • Forecast your preventive maintenance schedule based on maintenance frequency
  • This add-on helps manage master data records for all equipment, in-house as well as customer-owned
  • Ensures timely, consistent and optimum preventive and corrective maintenance activities for each asset
  • Maintains a record of the work order history and maintenance cost
  • Manages warranty information and eliminates unnecessary in-house maintenance cost
  • Helps in the preparation of reports related to asset management

GR Matching

Make GR matching process more efficient using GR Matching !

Our solution helps to keep record of task performed to resolve equipment failure and restore it to operational condition