Industry Challenges

  • Aging infrastructure, rising asset costs, increased customer expectations for on time deliveries, cost pressures.
  • Lack of remote monitoring of expensive assets in the field and their whereabouts.
  • Position tracking of movable assets such as vehicles and workforce does not exists.
  • Delays in locating the service locations affecting on time customer service resulting into poor customer satisfaction.
  • No consolidated delivery order list with order details.
  • Manually manage the delivery sequence to optimize the delivery time.
  • Delivery acknowledgements are difficult to digitize and hence hard to trace during customer grievances.
  • Status of the jobs and the inventory is updated in the central system only after the actual work is completed, resulting into delayed invoicing, stock mismatch and lack of transparency.
Asset Tracking


Crave InfoTech's Asset Tracking and Electronic Proof of Delivery mobility solution can help you meet your needs to achieve highest level of Asset Security, Driver Safety, and Customer Satisfaction through on time delivery and Paperless delivery process.

  • Solution is aimed at Manufacturer/ Distributor/ Dealer to keep track of the Vehicle and material movement along with the route assigned.
  • This one pack solution offers GPS hardware, tracking software, mobile application, wireless connectivity and SAP integration.
  • Asset Tracking solution offers tracking of all types of movable as well as immovable assets geographically on real time basis. The solution is enabled with Google or ESRI map and available on SAP HANA for database and Business objects for reporting.


Addressing the key industry challenges, the Asset Tracking solution offers following key features.

  • Real-time location tracking.
Automated Routing and Dispatch
  • Planned routes /customer visits.
  • Driver stops for pick ups.
  • Alert Mgt (Route deviation, missed stops, harsh driving, etc.)
  • Change / Addition of non-completed trips/segments.
  • Geo-fence.

KPI/Variance Reporting

KPI/Variance Reporting
  • Planned Vs Actual Miles.
  • Planned Vs Actual Route.
  • Trip detail report.
  • Driver scorecard.
  • Vehicle health scorecard.
  • Bread Crumb trail.


  • Route Deviation.
  • Excessive Idling.
  • Speeding.
  • Potential Theft.
  • Safety and emergency.
  • situations.

Driver Managed Data

Driver Managed Data
  • Hours Logged.
  • Certification.
  • Contact Information.
  • Employee Roster.
Vehicle Diagnostics

Vehicle Diagnostics

  • Vehicle maintenance scheduling and recording the results
  • Vehicle health scorecard to make replacement Vs Maintenance decisions