Shrikant Nistane

Founder, CEO and Chairman

Shrikant Nistane

Shrikant Nistane
Founder, CEO and Chairman

As founder and CEO of Crave InfoTech, Shrikant Nistane serves businesses of all sizes and industry segments as a trusted provider of digital transformation and mobility services that enable competitiveness and reduced costs.

“I formed Crave InfoTech to apply my expertise and relationship with SAP in a manner appropriate to the scale and needs of large as well as most small and medium sized businesses in a wide range of industries. My nearly three decades in IT and the utility and other industries provided wide-ranging experience with technology and technology change for nearly every line of business, from customer relations and service, to fleet management and logistics, as well as enterprise asset management (EAM). The lights must stay on in the utility industry and it was a great lesson to me for identifying key customer pain points when offering my expertise to healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, retail, public sector, oil and gas and transportation and logistics companies, among others,” Shrikant said.

He also wants Crave InfoTech to be viewed as a touchstone for the IT industry and motivates his people to address head-on the most problematic challenges confronting each and every new wave of technology disruption. “Pushing my team to think beyond today successfully creates solutions that stand out in each of our target markets,” said Shrikant, offering these examples:

My familiarity with utility field workforce management has directed Crave InfoTech toward offerings in mobility solutions. My 16+ years of experience in this area enables me to understand the end-to-end process for implementing mobility solutions while also identifying opportunities to optimise that process, minimise manual touchpoints and eliminate paper-based processes. I bring Crave InfoTech clients a unique ability to understand and guide all aspects of their transformation to a mobility enterprise, including mobility connections with ERP, middleware, mobile hardware, user interface and radio networks and connectivity systems. Our firm is now a recognized leader in developing comprehensive mobility strategies and delivering through SAP Mobility Platform and Fiori for diverse industries, like healthcare and transportation and logistics. Our rapid deployment service for mobility can be up and running in any industry a matter of weeks, reducing total cost of ownership by 60-80 percent.

For companies with geographically dispersed service regions and processing equipment, I have directed Crave InfoTech in developing Enterprise Asset Management solutions which integrate new advances in mobility computing using SAP’s HANA Cloud Platform. We have created specialized solutions which can be applied for Life Sciences and Manufacturing companies, Oil and Gas industry companies and all Utility sectors companies. Our asset tracking, calibration and maintenance solutions have built-in workflow solutions that reduce paper-based errors, one of the main obstacles I have been particularly sensitive to for all companies with heavy equipment assets. And of course our asset management solutions help utility and oil and gas companies manage dispersed fleets of vehicles in dispatch and field repair work. I recognise that many companies already have some of these solutions in place, so we offer them as point solutions or as one holistic offering as needed.

As another example, I’ve built Crave InfoTech’s expertise with SAP Business One to offer healthcare and life sciences companies with complete end-to-end solutions for running their business as they comply with Affordable Care Act regulations for electronic health records and their systems. I have pushed Crave InfoTech to develop connectors that integrate EHR system’s relevant EMR data with SAP Business One for all accounting functions. We also assist with equipment maintenance, customer relationship management (CRM) and logistics – the value-adding benefits of SAP systems. I have been particularly concerned with HIPPA-compliant cloud-based service delivery, in our effort to forestall additional investments in on-premise IT infrastructure. We also provided solutions for integrating SAP’s cloud-based solutions Concur, C4C and Hybris billing with SAP Business One.

Shrikant believes his team of Crave InfoTech professionals is making a difference in today’s business environment, where the digital transformation of business is an everyday requirement. But Shrikant has also set as a priority his firm’s striving to better the global community by running a home for more than 30 poor and underprivileged children in India.

“Our focus on excellence for our clients drives our passion to serve the IT industry in general and our fellow humankind. We promise our clients this well-rounded approach for their every need.” Shrikant concluded.