How Crave InfoTech Is Transforming the Retail Industry

The retail industry revolves around countless time-sensitive processes like selling goods or services to consumers. What complicates things further is that there are countless variables to analyze and master, which (if left up to chance) can cripple an organization financially and damage your brand image irreversibly.With Forbes predicting significant sales growth in 2018, it’s safe to...

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SAP Ariba Open APIs

SAP Ariba Open APIs enables you to innovate with speed, agility, and flexibility. You can now extend your existing SAP Ariba solutions or create powerful new solutions to meet your domain-specific requirements, tailored to your unique needs....

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SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service, cloud edition – SAP ERP Integration

Machines send alerts to SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service, cloud edition, indicating that a follow-on action is required. This package enables the creation of a maintenance notification in SAP ERP and tracking of its progress in SAP PDMS, ce.This package handles the business process integration of SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service, cloud edition (SAP PdMS, ce) and SAP ERP....

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