3 Ways to Select Your Mobile Inventory Solution for SAP

Automation within your inventory processes is crucial for your business’s management of its supply chain. We know how beneficial automation can be for us, but in spite of that knowledge, we still have quite a bit to learn regarding our understanding of the way we practice inventory management. It is a fact that businesses have only recently started to look into the link between cashflow and efficient inventory management. With the advancing world today, most supply chains are facing a lot of challenges with traditional inventory processes.

This is why companies have come to realize that just managing inventories in a proper manner is no longer going to be sufficient on its own. Various other challenges need to be tackled with strategies and tactics that will ensure the wildly growing inventory networks can be efficiently managed without doing any harm to the customer service experience.

Going Mobile
In order to reduce the costs for carrying inventory, you should consider enabling your management system for the inventory in your organization’s supply chain mobile.Mobility has truly been a disruptive innovation within the inventory management for enterprises. A majority of companies already have employed mobile strategy for their company or are currently working for solutions which will enable them to do so. There are a lot of benefits involved with going mobile. For instance, going mobile improves the efficiency and significantly lowers the margins. It also eliminates the need for most of the paper work between the departments and it saves a lot of time with improved levels of accuracy.

Here are three ways to find the most adequate solutions by making use of SAP mobility solutions:

#1 Remove the need for Complicated Configurations
Organizations which have a large number of users require the kind of solution which has to be very carefully selected. Even the IT teams in such organizations are looking to minimize time wasted oninitially setting up and then maintaining everything as time goes on. Going mobile means a huge chunk of the costs for the company that would be incurred in the installation and maintenance will be essentially eliminated.

Existing ERP solutions for these organizations can have good SAP mobility solutions that easily fit into existing ERP and sync with the SAP server effortlessly. This allows for the recovery and processing of transactions while setting up an intra-network communications network. The end result is that it enables every element of the organization to operate in unison with each other.

#2 Enable Multiple Customization’s
One important necessity is being able to have an unlimited amount of customizations that you can make to the basic configuration of the SAP mobility solution.That includes the option of adding and removing modules as required by your organization’s operational procedures while progressing and expanding.

A good SAP mobility solution should be able to provide you with the opportunity to customize it based on the needs of your business as they change.

#3 Attain Features Which Improve Returns on Investments
A really good solution should be one which is able to offer you the ability to keep a track of your inventory in real-time. Thatcan help you better gauge data and levels of inventory. Enable the option to view your stocks or to generate reports so you can be quick on your feet with important decisions.

cMaintenance – Digital Transformation in Maintenance Activities

We are living in digital times. From the way we travel to the way we think, we have been engulfed by technology in every sense of the word.

The era is that of digital transformation—any business failing to adapt will lag behind in the race.

We at Crave InfoTech are one of the leading proponents of all things digital. Partnering with SAP, we offer high-quality software products to businesses across the world.

cMaintenance – Changing the Way Maintenance Activities Are Carried Out

Our team understands the importance of implementing technology in maintenance activities. In the past, maintenance suffered from a lack of technical expertise and technological tools. Today, however, that is not the case.

Crave InfoTech offers cMaintenance, a comprehensive digital platform that makes use of data to improve operational efficiency. With incredible mobility features, the platform enhances maintenance activities in a significant manner.

Amazing Features of cMaintenance

Let’s take a look at some features that make cMaintenance different:

  • The platform is designed specifically to enhance maintenance functions. It helps your workforce accurately calculate work completion, time confirmation and other essential details. What’s more, everything is on a single platform. This means notifications can also be sent to relevant staff members.
  • cMaintenance ensures real-time functioning. From making work history accessible to keeping records of pending jobs, the platform updates itself in real time. This ensures that your staff is getting relevant and timely information. It makes your personnel all the more productive.
  • The platform has a simple and intuitive interface. This allows every staff member to use it with ease. Reducing complications, it ensures that everybody is on the same page.
  • Through our app development platform, we also offer enterprises ability to customize their apps according to their unique needs. The flexibility enhances the design of the app and considerably reduces dependence on the vendor (that is us). In case your staff needs help, our support team is always there.
  • cMaintenance works well in both online and offline modes. This is a special feature as not many vendors offer offline operation. This ensures that maintenance professionals are in charge 24/7.
  • The platform works seamlessly across different devices including tablets and mobile phones. The responsiveness also enhances efficiencies in more ways than one.
  • Some of the other features can include incorporated maps, routing capabilities, inventory managementand instant messaging.

Understanding the latest in software technology, we offer only the most modern and state-of-the-art mobile app management solutions. Learn more about cMaintenance.

How Crave InfoTech Provides Real Time Analysis of Data through SAP HANA

Big Data and analytics have become buzzwords in the tech landscape. With heaps of data available, organizations and enterprises need to make use of it.

How a business uses Big Data and analytics software can be its defining moment. In fact, insights from Big Data can help businesses form crucial strategies and even define their KPIs.

A Bit about SAP HANA

SAP HANA is one of SAP’s in-memory database and application development platforms that helps process massive quantities of data in real time.

Employing amazing analytical processing capabilities, the incredible platform helps enterprises build intelligent applications that provide quicker and deeper insights.

Data Analysis through SAP HANA

SAP HANA provides an end-to-end solution for developing and deploying predictive analytics and machine learning mechanisms. The platform enables business owners to not only manage complex machine learning models, but also build them.

Some Data Analytics’ Capabilities of SAP HANA

Here are some of the data analytics’ capabilities that SAP HANA has on offer:

Spatial Data Processing

With SAP HANA, businesses can process and analyze spatial data in real-time. This allows them to understand patterns and get invaluable insights. Having impactful GIS features, SAP HANA can provide a single, comprehensive platform.

Text Analytics and Search

SAP HANA can also provide text mining and analysis that can help business owners understand unstructured data better.

The platform will minimize complications and will enable insightful decision-making. From social media posts to sentiment analysis, it can have quite a few advantages.

Series Data Processing

This type of data analysis identifies new trends and makes forecasts based on them. From monitoring price changes to determining energy consumption, SAP HANA can help businesses determine trends to gain competitive edge.

Graph Data Processing      

Graph data processing is important when analyzing relationships between interconnected data. With SAP HANA’s impactful visualization tools, business owners can create and navigate graphs to gain crucial insights.

How Crave InfoTech Can Help Implement SAP HANA


Partnering with SAP, we at Crave InfoTech help implement the SAP HANA platform. With our impressive services, businesses can make use of Big Data and garner advantage from the massive Internet of Things (IoT) landscape.

Here are some of the SAP HANA features that we offer:

  • Unlimited workload capacity
  • Data processing including text, geographical, social, graphical, etc
  • Extensions of the SAP HANA cloud platform
  • Integration with SAP Fiorito enhance the app’s user experience
  • Choice of deployment, including on-premise, cloud or hybrid deployment

With a team of tech enthusiasts, Crave InfoTech provides incredible analytics capabilities to businesses through SAP HANA. Our team also offers support and guidance along the way.


Seamless SAP Syclo Implementation with Crave InfoTech

Syclo has been one of the leading providers of mobile asset management and field service solutions. The company provides mobile solutions to sectors, such as oil and gas, manufacturing, life sciences, utilities, etc.

Although SAP and Syclo had partnered to provide mobile apps for SAP ERP and CRM systems, it was in 2012 that SAP officially acquired Syclo. Since then, enterprises have been enjoying innovative products from them.

How Crave InfoTech Offers Seamless SAP Syclo Implementation

Crave InfoTech is one of the leading independent software solutions vendors. Associated with SAP since 2007, the company has served the varying needs of clients in North America, Africa, Australia and Asia.

The team at Crave InfoTech offers a more efficient way for mobilizing SAP plant maintenance, field services, inventory and CRM systems.

Here are some of the Syclo implementation capabilities that we have:

Installation and Configuration of Syclo

Not only do we help install and configure the Syclo platform, we also provide Syclo ECC add-ons.

Google Map Integration

We also provide Google map integration. This allows businesses to keep track of locations for better asset, inventory and crew management.

Oracle and other Backend Integration

We offer Syclo implementation with Oracle and other backend platforms, including SOAP and REST protocol systems.

Integration with HANA Cloud Platform

Our company provides SAP HANA integration for enhanced analytics capabilities.

Agentry UI

This feature ensures that the app’s user interface is simple and friendly. We offer comprehensive UI screen creation and configuration.

Some Specialized SAP Syclo Services for Businesses

Here are some other specialized services we offer:

Work Manager

This mobile app can enhance workforce safety and enhance reliability of your processes. The comprehensive platform can also eliminate paperwork. Some features of Work Manager include linear asset management, customer service, crew management, meter management, etc.

Inventory Manager

As the name suggests, the mobile app provides tools and resources for effective inventory management. From taking accurate orders to tracking supplies, it helps enhance business operations.

Rounds Manager

With rounds manager, you can have more accurate meter reading and field measurements. What’s more, businesses can also analyze data quicker and make insightful decisions.

CRM Service Manager

With CRM service manager, the efficiencies of field managers can be improved considerably. The app helps them get real-time access to data and relevant information. What’s more, the app can get seamlessly integrated into CRM software, making last-minute changes possible.

With a team of tech enthusiasts, we at Crave InfoTech offer high-quality SAP mobile apps. Our SAP Syclo implementation services helps businesses thrive in their respective industries.

Crave InfoTech’s Remarkable Solutions for the Health Sector

Crave InfoTech has been one of the major proponents of digital transformation. Since its inception in 2007, the company has doled out software products for a wide variety of industries.

In the health care sector, centers like hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, etc. have been relying on Crave InfoTech to provide integrated tech solutions.

The company’s offering to the health sector has been divided into two categories: Acute Care and Post Acute Care.

Here are some of Crave Infotech’s amazing acute care and post acute care solutions for the health care sector:

Acute Care Solutions

Crave Integrated Healthcare Management Solution (cIHMS)

From patient care to office management, our solution ensures that health care centers can manage everything from one single, comprehensive platform. The incredible platform integrates seamlessly with SAP Business One ERP and SAP HANA.

Here are some of the integrated solutions we offer:

Medical Billing

With Crave Medical Billing (cMedbilling), the company ensures that bill generation is without any errors. From doctor’s compensation to service rates, our billing platform helps accurately calculate costs.

Patient Care

We also provide software solutions to help medical institutes and centers provide enhanced patient care. From registration of doctor’s appointment to final billing, we ensure that patients have no hard time whatsoever when getting your medical services.

Electronic Prescription

We help healthcare centers generate electronic prescriptions to enhance their efficiencies. Not only does it reduce the paperwork required, it also ensures easy distribution across different channels including pharmacies, nursing stations, etc.

Patient Movement Tracking

Whether it is ward allocation or diet management, we ensure that everything along the patient journey is accurately recorded.

This ensures that the health care institute is always in charge of operations.

Post Acute Care Solutions

We at Crave InfoTech also offer post acute care solutions. From increasing transparency across different processes to providing real-time reports, our software solution comes in really handy.

With our amazing post acute care solutions, you can gain competitive advantage. Here are some of the features we offer:

  • You get an enhanced referral management system. With everything on the same page, managing things becomes quite simple.
  • We also offer integration with EMR solutions.
  • Our SAP mobile applicationscan help health centers create and schedule their own appointments. What’s more, these details can be incorporated in ERP in real-time.
  • With a single platform, you can manage assets, revenue cycles, mobility, analytics and so on.

Crave InfoTech is an independent software solutions vendor. The company’s solutions for the health industry create a win-win situation for both patients and healthcare centers. Contact us to learn more.   

Reinvent Manufacturing Facilities by Mobile Solutions

It does not matter if your company is manufactures automotive parts , edible products, or soap. What is important is to remain in control of the daily processes. Every organization wants to have the ability to properly address all of the planned and unplanned work speedily, without compromising on efficiency and accuracy. Additionally, they also want to consistently improve upon it at the same time. They want their assets and their employees to improve as well.

The Challenges Posed by Traditional Systems and Business Workflows

Even though mobility is something which has entered the ecosystem of the enterprise business models all around the world, a lot of businesses and manufacturing facilities still tend to stick to the loathsome and painfully slow paperwork-based processes. In addition to being complex, they are wasting time and killing the potential of increased productivity for enterprise companies in this advancing age. Companies incur literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses, which are completely avoidable with the prospects of mobility solutions.

The competitive edge that companies can attain with mobility solutions has started getting recognition from companies. Those who have started implementing these solutions have seen several benefits for their organizations operational procedures, including the following:

Time Consuming Processes Eliminated

The right solution empowers employees and technical staff to be able to automate  complex paperwork processes for reporting status to every level of the product manufacturing process. The result: significant savings of time every year. It gives them the opportunity to deploy the inventory tracking solutions and reporting systems, which increase the overall efficiency and productivity of the whole manufacturing facility.

Accurate Real-Time Information

Traditionally, plant managers and supervisors were required to remain within close-proximity of all the plant’s processes and monitor work on the plant floor in order to have real time access to information and effectively communicate with the employees. Even with the personnel present there, they would find it a very hard task to monitor the efficiency and the progress of the employees. The right mobility solution not only eliminates the issue, but also provides the employees with actual real-time access to all the information. This improves the business processes while allowing the managers to be able to see what is going on across the facilities. As a result, they are able to better track the progress and efficiency, and be in constant communication to quickly resolve issues. That helps in faster decision making.

Retention of Customers and Increase in Revenue Generation through Services

Retaining the existing consumer base is one of the most important things for any manufacturing company and maintaining their customers’ satisfaction is one of their top priorities. If the operational procedures of your organization are not efficient and cannot stay up to the required standards, it can lead to the loss of existing customers. This, in turn, can ultimately be very harmful for a manufacturing company. If your field service management is more optimized and automated, it will allow you to keep your customers informed about the status of their orders and delivery dates in real time from their mobile devices. That will in turn help increase revenue, and all of it is possible with making use of SAP mobility solutions.

There are plenty of advantages that come with implementing mobility solutions. It is something especially helpful in simplifying the complexities of manufacturing procedures and eliminates most of the challenges faced by the manufacturing companies and give them a competitive edge over those who have not yet decided to go mobile.

Connected Vehicles and SAP

On the 27 of February in 2017, SAP SE demonstrated new technology that is aimed at making life easier for drivers and users of rental car services by making use of the Internet of Things in collaboration with Concur Technologies, Hertz and Nokia.

The SAP Vehicles Network as part of the SAP Leonardo portfolio, created an intelligent and automated driving experience. Everything — from car rental to parking and payment to integrated navigation systems and expense management systems for business travelers — is encapsulated by the SAP Vehicles Network solution.

SAP also made the announcement that the connected vehicle platform by the name of Mojio has also joined the SAP Vehicles Network and it will provide the parking and fueling using its app in the United States and Europe.

SAP Vehicles Network has been built on the SAP Cloud Platform and enables all the participating network companies to provide the services of mobility to their drivers and the passengers. SAP Vehicles Network enables integration and collaboration in order to facilitate new revenue streams and business opportunities for network members by standardizing the business processes. By making use of the network, member companies are now able to offer secure and convenient services like parking, fueling and location based food services that are tailor-made for the business traveler or any individual customer – all without being dependent on devices or vehicles.

This new collaboration draws on the strengths of each vendor that is participating. Concur, Hertz, SAP and Nokia have founded what is called the IoT Community. It is an ecosystem throughout the world where companies are collaborating with each other to come up with revolutionary IoT solutions and drive the development of the connected rental car service. Nokia has provided its IMPACT (Intelligent Management Platform for All Connected Things) platform to manage and securely control devices and sensors within a vehicle. That includes personalization of the driver settings and the entertainment systems along with the auto-configuration of the in-vehicle communications without the use of a Bluetooth connection. This ensures the privacy of data for the users. The IMPACT IoT platform by Nokia works hand in hand with the payment systems employed by the SAP Vehicles Network for the services of parking and fueling authorization. This makes for a smooth and optimized driving experience.

A Little About SAP

SAP is the current market leader in the Enterprise Resource Planning application and software. It helps companies of all sizes and shapes to function better via its Enterprise application solutions. Everything from the back office to the boardrooms, the warehouse all the way to the storefront, from the desktop to a mobile phone, the SAP software provides people and organizations with required facilities to be able to work in a very efficient manner and stay ahead of the curve as far as competition is concerned.  SAP solution caters to over 345,000 businesses in both the public and private sector to pursue the success of their operations in a more efficient and profitable manner. The solutions SAP provides are helping them adapt with the changing times and advancing technologies and maintain sustainable growth.

ERP Solution and Post-Acute Care

Information is an important aspect of the healthcare industry. The need to share information has become more important over the years in order to be able to reduce costs and improve services being rendered to the patients. Therefore, the healthcare system needs to be able to accumulate the necessary information and relay it to several entities like clinics and the customers themselves. It also needs to provide the information relevant to billing and the medical knowledge within the healthcare organization to every stakeholder.

In general, the current business environments have taken a lot of shapes and forms. Enterprise Resource Planning applications are now an essential element in providing an organization the improvements in their efficiency and its strategic decision making. This means that the healthcare industry is not an exception to the new changes which are taking place in the business landscape. So as it is with other businesses nowadays, Enterprise Resource Planning is going to play an integral role in tackling a lot of the problems being faced by the medical care industry and improve its efficiency and overall track record.

Healthcare all over the world is facing a lot of challenges right now such as the rising costs of healthcare services. The management of the medical industry now involves a significant number of stakeholders for instance governments, clinicians, service providers and the customers.

Clinicians, doctors, nurses and the managers need the adequate tools in order to deal with and improve the emerging medical technologies and methodologies better healthcare can be provided. Previously, IT was just used in the medical industry for the purposes of account management and billing. This trend however has now started to extend towards more complex areas which include cost reduction, improving efficiency and managing and caring for the efficiency of an organization.

Healthcare systems rely on the information coming in from different sources in order to carry out the duties such as the diagnoses done by physicians, the patients’ home care and from chronic care. This is why the integration of different services and processes would be a great benefactor for the healthcare industry. It will remove the traditional method of segregated systems trying to coordinate with each other and make for a more streamlined medical care system.

Patients nowadays are managed by different physicians, unlike the days in the past when a single physician would be responsible for all the healthcare needs of a patient. A rough architecture of an ERP system pertaining to the healthcare of a singular patient would involve a patient’s central database which is updated by different physicians the patient is going to for different problems. With such a system, all the physicians will be able to access specific information regarding the patient. This comes in handy because physicians often have to coordinate and collaborate with each other to manage the healthcare needs of a patient.

Enterprise Resource Planning applications can help healthcare organizations to be able to facilitate their services using various ERP information platforms in different locations making the whole industry more efficient and more effective.

How Digital Transformation is Influencing Utilities

Technology is witnessing rapid changes and the changes are affecting everyone in every business in every industry. The field of power and utility is no exception and is also subject to the change being provided by advancing technology. In fact, the majority of changes being made which are impacting the utility business actually represent a digital transformation as things are unfolding in front of us. The future is not exactly certain but the information we have about digital transformation right now gives us an insight about the influence it is having on the utility industry.
What are the most profitable business models today?
The business models that were in place as little as two or even one decade ago are no longer as effective as they were back in the day. There was a stringent selection of options available to users in the times of the long standing archaic systems but with the advent of the digital transformation, users now have plenty of options to choose the company and their services, which are most befitting for their use. Customers are now savvier and expect companies to provide more services and the surplus of eco friendly practices.
According to the Digital Utilities Roadmap, these are the three business models which will most likely emerge:
• Renewable energy generation at minimal cost
• Distribution which is smart and efficient (particularly attractive to the savvier customers)
• Services which can balance the demand and supply concerns
What are the best ways to meet the power needs of today?
According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, sustainable power is achievable by making renewable energy the focus of our concerns. Customers are more willing to choose solar and wind powered sources of energy since they provide an alternative to the less cleaner and more costly options, which have been in use (fossil fuels and nuclear energy). As the advent of choice is becoming more common, alternative sources of power will become more reliable and extend their reach to even the most remotely located customers. Almost everyone shares a digital connection now and through that connection, word about the benefits of renewable energy will spread.
Which tech trends have the biggest influence on the utility industry today?
Smart electronic devices and home products are not just a convenience for customers nowadays. These advancements humankind has made in technology have had a big impact on the utility market as well. To put it in the most simplistic way, smart products are inhibiting the creation of smart consumers. The users are now able to measure the usage of their utilities and get a better understanding of where and how their energy is coming from and where it is being expended. This also gives them a better insight on how to more effectively make use of energy and manage their utility bills better.
The Big Data which smart home and smart device industries are providing utility companies makes for a big difference. Big data was never available to these companies before and by using the information that they have now, utility companies can adjust the services that they are providing to make the optimal usage of resources.
The utility industry and the world at large are in the midst of great changes being made so the story about digital transformation and the utility industry has not yet reached a climax. In light of the current circumstances however, the future looks bright and it is best to take advantage of all the benefits advancing technology is providing.

Radio Frequency Identification and SAP Mobility

Radio Frequency Identification is becoming more and more prominent in the context of the manufacturing industry. This is happening in light of the search that companies are constantly in to improve the accuracy of data recording and collection along with the identification of products. Radio Frequency Identification has been used extensively by the retail industry to identify and track inventory. These benefits of RFID are now being recognized by the manufacturing industry as well.

Many manufacturing companies make use of the Enterprise Resource Planning application solutions, and to make sure that they can maximize the potential usage of RFID, they need to ensure that their RFID solutions are appropriate for integration with their ERP solution.

Radio Frequency Identification and SAP

Manufacturing companies that use SAP can make use of RFID for the purpose of tracking their products along their supply chain. This means that the goods can be identified during the process of inbound delivery when they are stored in the inventory and also during the outbound delivery process. Customers are also able to track their items during the shipping process when it is making its way to them using the RFID tags attached on them.

The tagged items can be processed by using automated goods receipts and validation by the Advanced Ship Notice when the inbound deliveries reach a plant. This goods receipt process is also able to identify any wrong items or incorrect quantities sent by the vendor. In the outbound delivery process, the goods can be tagged and loaded on to cases and pallets and then the automated goods receipt can be achieved by making use of the RFID.

The ASN can be sent over to the customer with the details pertaining to the item. During the time a tagged item is stored at a plant, it can be tracked using the RFID tag attached on them. If the item has to be used in the processes involving plant maintenance, such as work orders, the information about the item can be recorded on the tag attached to it.


The SAP solution for the utilization of RFID along with an ERP is called SAP Auto-ID or SAP Aii. It’s a middleware system that receives the data from a RFID data capture source (usually an RFID reader) and then integrates the data it has received from the tag directly into the Enterprise Resource Planning application. The SAP Aii consists of two main components:

  • Core Services – It includes the flexible definition and the rule set environment.
  • Integration Services – The Auto-ID interacts with three different types of environments. The backend systems, the RFID devices and the web user interface for the control and user maintenance

The SAP Aii offers two interfaces for the users. One of them is a mobile interface which can be used on mobile devices or PDAs and a desktop version, which allows users to enter the SAP Aii settings. The Standard SAP Aii system has a set of predetermined rules and all activities related to them. The users can modify the rules and settings via the user interface depending on their need except for these predefined processes in SAP Aii:

  • Goods Issue
  • Goods Receipt
  • Returnable Transport Items
  • Kanban
  • Product Tracking