End-to-End Mobility Solution

Crave InfoTechEnd-to-End Mobility Solution

End-to-End Mobility Solution

With SAP mobile platform, designing and deploying mobile apps that are compatible with a range of mobile devices becomes efficient. The middleware platform allows user to connect both existing applications and enterprise systems with mobile devices. The application is both on-premise and cloud-based, with a diverse range of connections and resources to be utilized in development processes.

Additionally, SAP Mobile Platform has a number of security features. These include data encryption, authorized login, as well as Data Vault for secure storage of sensitive data. The Single Sign-On (SSO) property facilitates ease of use, as users can access all of the application’s resources with one-time credentials entry. These resources include servers, data sources, packages and more.


  • Accelerated Solutions: decrease time-to-market through facilitated collaboration
  • Flexibility and Versatility: through incremental and modular delivery
  • Cost Effectiveness: a per-device-payment model for better cash flow
  • Scale and Reach: end-to-end service and delivery
  • Planners can monitor the current status of resources, customers and work requests for improved control over mobile workforce planning and resource allocation
  • Mobile professionals can share the information they need to close sales, perform error-free technical services or respond faster to customer requests
  • Mobile professionals can send reports or billing information upon completion of tasks immediately back to the office
  • Companies can process orders faster, implement just-in-time lean manufacturing practices, better control inventories and send invoices faster
  • Management can systematically define, measure, analyze, improve and control
  • Finally, Integrated Service Registration, made possible by Crave InfoTech Solutions, provides fast and reliable integration to ERP and CRM systems to achieve best business practices