End-to-End Mobility Solution

Crave InfoTechEnd-to-End Mobility Solution



We offer end-to-end strategy and services to address the challenges and opportunities of your business going mobile. We help you to orchestrate and realize your mobile potential. We have been at the forefront of delivering the benefits of mobility to enterprises through device and application control management.


  • Accelerated Solutions: decrease time-to-market through facilitated collaboration
  • Flexibility and Versatility: through incremental and modular delivery
  • Cost Effectiveness: a per-device-payment model for better cash flow
  • Scale and Reach: end-to-end service and delivery
  • Planners can monitor the current status of resources, customers and work requests for improved control over mobile workforce planning and resource allocation
  • Mobile professionals can share the information they need to close sales, perform error-free technical services or respond faster to customer requests
  • Mobile professionals can send reports or billing information upon completion of tasks immediately back to the office
  • Companies can process orders faster, implement just-in-time lean manufacturing practices, better control inventories and send invoices faster
  • Management can systematically define, measure, analyze, improve and control
  • Finally, Integrated Service Registration, made possible by Crave InfoTech Solutions, provides fast and reliable integration to ERP and CRM systems to achieve best business practices