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Electronic Signature Capture for improved customer service with cSign!

Crave Electronic Signature Capture is an SAP-integrated solution designed to capture customer signature electronically and store them directly into SAP, eliminating paperwork and billing disputes.

Key Features

  • C-SIGN (Signature Capture Application) digitally transform the end to end process to capture the work performed at customer site including requesting the existing order details from the ERP system real-time
  • It displays order details, enter the details of the work done, educate the customer about the service details and the cost associated with that, capture customer signature and the image of the work
  • Barcode scanning functionality can be enabled as needed
  • Bluetooth mobile printing enabled for a customer copy
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Solution Environment

Value Drivers

Value_Drivers-300x186 Crave Electronic Signature
  • Digitized process to capture details about the additional services provided eliminating the paper process completely
  • Real time reporting
  • Pre-packaged app reduce total cost of ownership by 80%
  • Fully configurable UI from the back-end
  • Fully responsive and device agnostic application


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