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Convert your Crystal Reports to Business Object through the automated process!!

Crystal reports are commonly used as Business Intelligence application by industries to design and generate reports. Crystal Report has limited analytics to present the data and is restricted to desktop users. Developing crystal reports with a variety of formulae and rules is a time-consuming process but still not achieving the visualization needed and compatibility with other tools.


  • Crystal Reports are not providing required analytics
  • Developing the same reports in BO is time consuming and involves considerable cost
  • Business demands more analytics for better decision making
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The technical answer to these challenges is the adoption of SAP Business Object, but it comes with another challenge of the higher cost of conversion. Crave InfoTech’s ‘Crystal report’ to ‘SAP Business Object report’ conversion helps address this challenge to minimize the cost using automated migration tool.

Solution Innovations

  • Data Visibility & Transparency at various Locations
  • Automated processes to convert existing Crystal Reports to BO reports without much of manual efforts and intervention
  • Reduced implementation time around 80%
  • Improved data analysis
  • Increased Overall Efficiency of Business
  • Elimination of manual data entry overhead
  • Intuitive Reports with integrated security
  • Support for multiple Crystal Report versions
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On-premise and cloud-based implementation option

We help you choose best option for your crystal report to Business object migration


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