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cCalibration is becoming one of the critical activities, especially in the processing industry due to quality demanded by the end customer, stringent regulatory compliances to be followed, competitive advantage etc.

In the present time, technology is playing a major role in improving the overall operational efficiency and mobility is the buzz word to make the solution user-friendly and available where ever needed. Existing paper-based equipment Calibration Process is more error-prone and time-consuming impacting the data accuracy and overall operational efficiency.

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Digital transformation of Calibration Process through cCalibration!

Existing paper-based equipment Calibration Process is more error-prone and time-consuming due to errors in locating the right equipment’s due for calibration, no major to ensure the calibration process as per SOP, manual data entry at multiple locations with a lack of on the spot validations resulting impact to product quality and process non-compliance.

Crave InfoTech’s Calibration mobile application will make the end to end calibration process paperless.

Key Features

  • Complete workflow built inside the cCalibration mobile app for engineering and production personnel.
  • Assignment of the work order, capture timestamps, capture results, validation of results, capture necessary approvals for usage decision, capture failure details, materials consumed, Equipment release and label printing.
  • Master Instrument assignment and validation of readings with Master calibration for planned and unplanned characteristics as per defined SOP.
  • Integration with SAP PM and SAP QM module remove data entry pain.
  • Defect creation and managing replacement of instrument in case of calibration failure
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Solution Environment

Value Drivers

Value_Drivers-300x186 cCalibration
  • Mobile application covering end to end SOP for calibration with real-time update to any back-end system
  • Pre-packaged app minimizing implementation timelines resulting in early realization of ROI to business
  • Fully configurable UI from the back-end
  • Available in all major international languages
  • Fully responsive and device agnostic application


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