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Digital Transformation of Mobility Solution using cInspect!

Crave Asset Inspection solutions convert paper-based maintenance activities for prevention, correction, breakdown and calibration into an information technology system which utilizes mobility features.

Key Features

  • Complete Inspection workflow built inside the cInspect mobile app for maintenance personnel
  • Configurable Industry specific Asset list, Job details. Inspection checklist as per Standard Operating Process (SOP) and Inspection types recommended by asset manufacturers as applicable
  • Inspection jobs displayed on the map to ease the location tracking
  • Provision to capture the Lat Long coordinates (position) through GPS functionality
  • Directions to route to the job, according to priority and messaging to get real-time alerts from head office
  • Capture asset photo before and after inspection for records and analysis/training purpose
  • Barcode enabled
  • New assets can be scanned and added to the asset inventory
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Solution Environment

Value Drivers

Value_Drivers-300x186 cInspection
  • Mobile application covering end to end SOP for Asset Inspection
  • Works Online or Offline and Syncs real-time with any back-end system
  • Fully responsive and device agnostic application
  • Fully configurable UI from the back-end
  • Reduces total cost of ownership up to 80%
  • Available in all major international languages


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