Unmatched Lifecycle Management of Asset for competitive Advantage

Existing paper based equipment Calibration Process is more error prone and time consuming due to errors in locating the right equipment’s due for calibration, no major to ensure the calibration process as per SOP, manual data entry at multiple locations with lack of on the spot validations resulting impact to product quality and process non-compliance.

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Warehouse Management

Streamline Warehouse Management Processes using cWarehouse !

The warehouse management mobile app is designed to be used by warehouse and shop floor personnel to execute day to day transactions in the warehouse. The app can also be used to run stock check reports on demand and execute the physical inventory process.

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Warehouse Management

Key Features
  • cWarehouse offers an optimum solution to digitally transform following warehouse transactions using handheld devices:
    • Warehouse processes: Warehouse bin creation, Bin to Bin transfer, Transfer Order Confirmation, Bin level cycle count, Stock check report at bin level
    • Inventory processes: Goods receipt and reversal, Goods Issue, Storage location transfer posting, Plant transfer posting, Stock check, Physical inventory, Goods issue to scrap
  • Application is fully integrated with ESS and SAP B1
  • Label printing through mobile using bluetooth printers
  • Fully configurable application through back-end to best match business specific UI and functional requirements.
Tracking of activities

Assets Tracking

Digital Transformation of Tracking Vehicles, Jobs and Assets using cTrack !

Crave InfoTech's Asset Tracking is an integrated solution providing Flexible Work Scheduling, Field Service Manager and Asset Tracking. The solution has been specially designed keeping in mind the challenges faced by service centric organizations. Below are the silent features of this solution:

Key features

  • Real time geo positioning of fixed and movable assets using GPS technology.
  • Job tracking and job assignment.
  • Route optimization, Vehicle immobilization, Geo fencing, Route deviations, Real time traffic conditions and alerts.
  • Vehicle maintenance plan and capturing maintenance details.
  • Monitoring of Vehicle parameters such as ignition On/Off, speed, fuel sensing, driving pattern etc.
  • Historical data analysis using bread crumb trail functionality allows investigation of customer complaints, discipline workforce based upon auditable information, defend workforce against false allegations.
  • Built-in scenarios applicable to service industry.
  • Pre-packaged app minimizes implementation timelines and supports realization of early ROI.
Callibaration of Sales


Digital transformation of Calibration Process through cCalibration !

Existing paper based equipment Calibration Process is more error prone and time consuming due to errors in locating the right equipment’s due for calibration, no major to ensure the calibration process as per SOP, manual data entry at multiple locations with lack of on the spot validations resulting impact to product quality and process non-compliance.

Crave InfoTech’s Calibration mobile application will make the end to end calibration process paperless.

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Key Features
  • Complete workflow built inside the cCalibration mobile app for engineering and production personnel.
  • Assignment of work order, capture timestamps, capture results, validation of results, capture necessary approvals for usage decision, capture failure details, materials consumed, Equipment release, and label printing.
  • Master Instrument assignment and validation of readings with Master calibration for planned and unplanned characteristics as per defined SOP.
  • Integration with SAP PM and SAP QM module removes data entry pain.
  • Defect creation and managing replacement of instrument in case of calibration failure.

Asset Inspection

Digital Transformation of Mobility Solution Using cInspect !

Crave Asset Inspection solutions covert paper-based maintenance activities for prevention, correction, breakdown and calibration into an information technology system which utilizes mobility features.

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Asset Inspection

Key Features
  • Complete Inspection workflow built inside the cInspect mobile app for maintenance personnel.
  • Configurable Industry specific asset list, job details. Inspection checklist as per standard operating process (SOP) and Inspection types recommended by asset manufacturers as applicable.
  • Inspection jobs displayed on the map to ease the location tracking.
  • Provision to capture the Lat Long coordinates (position) through GPS functionality.
  • Directions to route to the job, according to priority and messaging to get real time alerts from head office.
  • Capture asset photo before and after inspection for records and analysis/training purpose.
  • Bar code enabled.
  • New assets can be scanned and added in the asset inventory.
Auto Invoice


Real Time Track & Trace your Asset
  • Configurable SAP Integration
  • One fully integrated solution for Production, Warehouse, Shipping, Customer and Distribution chain to monitor the lifecycle movement of the products.
  • Tracking Asset Locations, Attributes, Pictures and Lifecycle on a map based user interface
  • Flexible searching and tracking movement of assets
  • Scanner and printer interface
  • Fully configurable Mobile application for asset inspection and inventory.
  • Customer interface to query the asset location based upon SG1 number.
  • Portal and mobile application for customer to send requests.
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Human Capital Management

Make HR process more efficient using cHCM !

In today’s competitive market, it’s essential for HR to pioneer efficiency and set the workforce up for success. With cHCM, you can measure and analyze HR processes anytime and anywhere. Gain valuable workforce insights to reduce risk, optimize processes, and use fact-based decisions to invest in talent. Help management drive your company’s effectiveness into the future.

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Human Capital Management

Key Features
  • Ability to approve, reject or forward.
  • List of key processes:
    • Recruitment
    • Performance
    • Time Confirmation
    • Scheduling
    • Leave
    • Loan
    • Choice Pay
    • Billing
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Auto Invoice

Crystal Report to Business Objective

Convert your existing Crystal Reports to BO reports through automated process !

Crave InfoTech has developed Crystal Migration Tool to speed up migration process Read report definitions of 1000s of crystal reports and create consolidated list of complete report metadata in few minutes Create BO Universe automatically that supports all the crystal reports.


Customer Signature

Electronic Signature Capture for improved customer service !

Crave Electronic Signature Capture is an SAP integrated solution designed to capture customer signature electronically and store them directly into SAP, eliminating paperwork and billing disputes.

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Customer Signiture

Key Features
  • C-SIGN (Signature Capture Application) digitally transform the end to end process to capture the work performed at customer site including requesting the existing order details from the ERP system real-time.
  • It displays order details, enter the details of the work done, educate customer about the service details and the cost associated with that, capture customer signature and the image of the work.
  • Bar code scanning functionality can be enabled as needed.
  • Bluetooth mobile printing enabled for customer copy.
billing pic
Med Billing

Medical Billing

Errorless bill generation for singal & multiple payer using cMedbilling

It enables errorless bill generation which can be made out to patients, employers, insurance providers or third parties.

Auto Invoice

Invoice Automation

Avoid invoicing delays using Invoice Automation !
  • User defined filtering criteria e.g. Business Partner & Cost Center Dimensions.
  • Ability to choose multiple documents from filtered output to convert into invoices.
  • Can be scheduled to run in background mode.
  • Combine multiple documents into one invoice.
Auto Invoice
ABC Analysis
ABC Analysis

ABC Analysis

ABC Analysis for better decision making !
  • Configurable ABC analysis parameters.
  • Can be scheduled as a batch to run in auto.
  • Updates each material master with ABC classification.
Invoice matching

Invoice Matching

Make invoice matching process more efficient using Invoice Matching !
  • Provides flexibility in defining tolerance for reconciliation.
  • Highlights records which do not fall in the tolerance band.
  • Reduces manual intervention for improved accuracy.
  • Enhances productivity by minimizing the time spent on manual work.
Goods Receipt
GR Matching

GR Matching

Make GR matching process more efficient using GR Matching !

Our solution helps to keep record of task performed to resolve equipment failure and restore it to operational condition.
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SAP Approval

Digital Transformation of Approving Process using cApproval !

cApproval is Single app addressing 20+ approvals related to HR, Sales, Finance, Supply Chain Management, and EAM. It has Standard approval flow with provision to Approve, Reject and Forward. The app is configurable as per industry specific business flow with integrated Alert and Messaging functionality.

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SAP Approval

Key Features
  • Ability to approve, reject or forward.
  • List of key processes:
    • PR and PO
    • Service Entry
    • Payment Approval
    • Project Approval
    • Invoice Approval
    • Notification Approval
    • Work Order Approval
    • Sales Order for Credit
    • Leave and Timesheet
    • Cart Approval


Critical Business Information on finger tips for CXOs through cDashboard
  • Description: Solution offers real time update of the critical business parameter on the mobile.
  • Input data from SAP or non-SAP source can be accepted.
  • Push notifications can be enabled for specific events.
  • Fully configurable alert parameters and color codes based the control limits of the parameters