Dr. Abhay Bhoyar

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Dr. Abhay Bhoyar

Dr. Bhoyar is a medical professional who brings 14 years of experience of healthcare services. After graduating from India, he has been working in National Health Services (NHS) UK since 2001. He has contributed to a large national multicenter study in order to detect congenital heart diseases in children in UK. This is likely to impact the national newborn screening strategy in UK, USA and Europe. He has number of medical publications to his name.

His area of specialization is interventional pediatric cardiology and is planning to travel to Malaysia and India to understand epidemiology in the developing world.

Dr. Bhoyar brings the unique experience of understanding of the healthcare services in the developed and developing world.

He completed MBBS from Mumbai University India, followed by MD in child health. Later obtained MRCPCH and DCH in UK. He is currently working as a pediatric cardiologist in Birmingham, UK.