Monthly Archives: April 2018

Your Definitive Guide to SAP Mobility Solutions

Mobility has to be one of the most common buzz words as far as conference rooms are concerned. CEOs and managers want mobility. And yet, as popular as it is, everyone you meet has a different perception of the concept!That being said, SAP’s Mobility Solutions are by far, the simplest and the most commonly used...

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How Workplace Mobility Can Give You a Competitive Edge over Your Rivals

Mobility, cloud computing, and social media training are some of the most important tools in your arsenal if you’re looking to transform your workplace. Although the overuse of these words has desensitized employees, the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of these concepts remain undeniable.In recent years, CEOs and company think tanks have realized that workforce mobility has...

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The Dos and Don’ts of Enterprise Asset Management

No longer is Enterprise Asset Management a mere conference room buzzword; it’s a necessity of the time. Make no mistake about it, companies that adopt sound EAM practices in today’s fast-paced world enjoy a strategic advantage over their direct rivals.By regulating maintenance records and actively tracking essential commodities, companies can prolong the life expectancy of...

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