Monthly Archives: December 2017

Connected Vehicles and SAP

On the 27 of February in 2017, SAP SE demonstrated new technology that is aimed at making life easier for drivers and users of rental car services by making use of the Internet of Things in collaboration with Concur Technologies, Hertz and Nokia.The SAP Vehicles Network as part of the SAP Leonardo portfolio, created an...

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ERP Solution and Post-Acute Care

Information is an important aspect of the healthcare industry. The need to share information has become more important over the years in order to be able to reduce costs and improve services being rendered to the patients. Therefore, the healthcare system needs to be able to accumulate the necessary information and relay it to several...

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How Digital Transformation is Influencing Utilities

Technology is witnessing rapid changes and the changes are affecting everyone in every business in every industry. The field of power and utility is no exception and is also subject to the change being provided by advancing technology. In fact, the majority of changes being made which are impacting the utility business actually represent a...

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Radio Frequency Identification and SAP Mobility

Radio Frequency Identification is becoming more and more prominent in the context of the manufacturing industry. This is happening in light of the search that companies are constantly in to improve the accuracy of data recording and collection along with the identification of products. Radio Frequency Identification has been used extensively by the retail industry...

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